Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Morning

It's a beautiful day - we're supposed to get up into the 60s. I decided to take a whole series of photos of my morning - I only take my own horses out to pasture on Sunday so there's some time to take pictures.

This was the view from my backyard as I took the dog out for a walk:

It was still dark when I came to the barn - although the light was very low, I like this ghostly image of the barn with the town water tower behind it:

As I was feeding the horses, the sky started to lighten up:

The manure spreader stands ready for filling:

Bob the barn cat (Mr. Tailless himself) was setting out on his morning business:

Blackjack's feed had finished soaking - the tub on the left has already been drained. Blackjack is the senior horse at our barn - he's in his early 30s - and has lost most of his teeth. He can't chew hay anymore, but we keep him going with a large quantity of soaked Purina Senior plus beet pulp two times a day.

Then I took my horses out to pasture. We're on our last few days of pasture grazing before we return to dry lot, and round bales. The water trough in the mare's pasture needed filling:

Maise was content, with Dawn in the background:

I love the mixture of dark and red hairs in Maisie's coat, particularly in the lighter area near her hip:

Dawn needs a good grooming! I like her fuzzy neck and ears:

Her coat is much redder than Maisie's, although she darkens up a bit in her winter coat:

Sugar was gleaming:

Noble and Scout were partly in shadow:

Joe through the fence:

This rotted fence post needs to be replaced, but I liked its texture, and the shadow it cast on the fence, with Dawn in the background:

The round bale holders are waiting for hay and horses in the dry lots:

Hope your Sunday is beautiful, and may it include horses!


  1. It's rainy here, so I'm living through bloggers today. Thanks for filling my screen with horses!!

  2. What gorgeous morning pics! And, your horses are all so nice and shiny!

  3. I love it!!!!!!! The fence post was my favorite. I agree - the texture, shadowing, a little world of its own!

  4. Your photos of your sunrise and early morning are gorgeous! What a great photo essay of your pastures and horses and Bob, the barn cat.
    I hope you got to enjoy the nice temps. We also had 60 degrees, but we all caught nasty colds/flu - ugh!

  5. Great pictures of the barn,love the colors. All of the horses look so happy and healthy. Hope you had a great day and got a ride in.

  6. Beautiful fall morning, even in the dark. The sunrise was gorgeous and the horses all look great.

    Bob looks to be all business as he starts his "rounds." Pretty obvious he is a good barn cat indeed.

  7. I love Bob, I don't think we've seen him before! It such a wonderful feeling when you are outside really early on a gorgeous morning, feeling you like have all of the wonderful sights and sounds to yourself. It is like nature giving you your own special showing of a new movie.

  8. It looks like it's been gorgeous there. We're having a heat wave with temps in the 30's (90's F) and I'm sweltering!

  9. Our old man (36) gets soaked pellets and senior, but he always insists on his flake of hay, morning and evening. I guess he just likes a three course meal.

  10. Love the photos- we had a nice Sunday too, and it did include horses!


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