Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Stills - Horses

A few photos of the horses. Maisie in perspective:

Dawn takes a bite:

Sugar's hind legs - she's very shiny:

Dawn abstraction - I should try to draw this one:

Scout's nose showing its flexibility:

Noble's expressive ears:

For more photos of horses, visit Sunday Stills at

Enjoy your Sunday, and may it include horses!


  1. Love your stills here very much!! Abstract is my fav!!! Love the one you may draw as well...please do and show us!

    I would have done something like this too...but was so shocked at the challenge subject(totally did not plan to go out to the barn) so I used some from files! Got plenty of those!

  2. I love the horse noses and muzzles. My faves!


  3. Great shots Kate!! Those are some seriously kissable muzzles too ;)

  4. Your horses are all still so slick and shiny. Ours are all furry monsters!

  5. Horse noses and lips are amazing things. Soft, strong and amazing adept all at the same time.

    Love your unique perspective which makes for some truly fun pics.

  6. Nice shots, love the macro noses..:-)

  7. What beautiful and intriguing photos! Good job!

  8. Kate, love all your pictures! Horses make the best subjects for taking pictures. Gilly's legs are so hairy he looks like a Clydesdale! LOL H is all set for a hard winter, really hairy all over.
    Great shots!

  9. Scout's nose is too cute! Wonderful pictures!

  10. Great pics! I love Scout's nose. I'm always amazed at what they can do with that top lip.

  11. I know almost everyone else has said it...but totally kissable noses! I especially enjoy the first one, of Maisie- shows off how healthy, shiney & round she is! Thank you for sharing!


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