Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crisp and Cold and Snow Shoes

This morning, the last clouds were clearing out and the sunshine was bright. It was about 20F when I went to the barn, with some wind. The temperature's supposed to drop through the day, and the wind's supposed to pick up even more, so wind chills will be around 0F by late afternoon. By the time I got home, the temperature had already dropped to 14F and the wind chill was down to 2F. The horses are out for now - every day and even hour we get out in the winter is a blessing. There are some icy patches, but our no-shovel policy means there's enough texture so the horses can get some purchase.

The farrier came this afternoon and both Dawn and Maisie, who wear front shoes, are back in their snow shoes for the winter. These are steel shoes with borium spots for traction, which helps a bit on ice, and a rubber pad with a ball in the middle that pops snow out of the middle of the shoe - no ice balls. And Maisie was very good for the farrier again - it seems that her improved behavior is sticking. Noble stays barefoot, and he's very careful when the footing isn't good. There is some risk with shoes with borium spots or studs, as they can abruptly stop the motion of a foot which can result in injury. In our climate it's a risk I'm willing to take in order to be able to do some work with Dawn and Maisie in the winter. I'm looking forward to a snowy trail ride on Maisie!


  1. Sounds chilly!!! It is good Dawn and Noble have new blankets to keep them warm. I am jealous of your snow shoes. Especially the rubber pad with the ball that pops out the snow! That is what every horse owner needs. Those ice-packed hooves are the worst. I watched Pie and Sovey racing around last week on the sleet. They both were very careful which helped my nerves! Still, I worry. The mud we have now is just as slippy. I am sick of mud, but I hate the cold too. Stay warm, Kate!

  2. I hadn't heard of those snow shoes before. I keep Panama barefoot so I don't know much about shoes. As usual, thanks for teaching me something new. :o)

  3. Okay, Kate. I must sound like a total wimp with my bundling up when it's only 30F! Oh, well. :)

    I like the show description, very cool.

    Stay warm and have fun!

  4. You are a toughher person than me when it comes to winter weather. I will say that I did enjoy snowy trail rides a couple of times in Vermont - when it warmed up enough that I could take being outside long enough to ride!

  5. Sounds interesting. I've heard of the ones with the spikes in them, too. I think Victoria uses those on her mares.

    Stay warm,



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