Friday, December 11, 2009

More of the Same, But a Little Better

It was about 6F this morning and the wind isn't quite as bad, so that's already a better start to the day than yesterday. Since the wind chills will be below zero until at least lunchtime, turnout today is at owner option. Only one electrical outlet wasn't working, so that stall's bucket in on an extension cord until we can get the outlet fixed. I put my three out briefly while their stalls were being cleaned, and they all enjoyed good rolls in the snow. Dawn spent most of her time hanging out at the gate since "her" horses were still inside the barn, Maisie ate at the round bale, and Noble ate hay in the lee of the shelter in the small paddock. When their stalls were done, I put them back in and they were satisfied. After lunch, they should be able to go out again for a while.


  1. Glad to hear you're having a better day.

  2. Glad they got out and had some fun. Our's went out a little later today with their blankets on. We've had some wicked wind and the wind chill was 0 degrees. So we may be a tad warmer than you, but it's still freezing out there.

  3. Wow. When 6 degrees is an IMPROVEMENT, you know you are having a serious cold snap!

    I could never survive it. Never. I'm sending you very warm thoughts.

  4. 6F is an improvement . . . ! Sending warm weather thoughts your way. I'm sure your crew was happy to have some time to stretch their legs for a bit and have a nice roll outside.

  5. Kate...I hope things are improving in Illinois! Today we have sun a NO WIND. In fact, I am going to go out and unplug the heater in the water trough (as the sun is on it). I could not possibly make it without long underwear...and that's how it's going to be til spring. The past three days have been howling...but not as cold as where you are.


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