Friday, December 18, 2009

Positively Balmy and Blackjack's Eye is Better

Yesterday it got up to 30F and today we're supposed to hit 35, with a possibility of some snow. It feels positively warm out there - I did most of my work this morning without gloves and my hands didn't even get cold. The weather would be good for some riding, but I doubt that'll happen as the footing is lousy - hard, packed, some places icy, snow. If we get some melting and then some snow on top, the footing may improve - I'm hoping for that.

The vet came to see Blackjack, and determined that he had in fact scratched his cornea. But the scratch this time is fairly small and should heal quickly. He gets a 500lb. dose of Banamine once a day for five days, and two types of eye antibiotics twice a day until the vet comes to check on him next Tuesday. His eye is already looking much better - there's no swelling and the eye is fully open and not goopy, and he isn't uncomfortable.

Noble started on his thyroid medicine a few days ago, and it's too early to tell if it's helping, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Enjoy your December day, and may it include horses!


  1. We're getting our worst type of winter weather today...38 degrees and drizzling rain. We should be in the low 50's in December but winter does equal a lot of day to day fluctuation even this far south. The horses are all comfortable in their respective rain sheets and/or blankets, but I can't wear enough clothes to get warm in this sort of stuff.

  2. enjoy your warm weather! It is supposed to get cold for us this weekend-- though our definition of cold is close to your definition of warm!

  3. Enjoy the good weather , and yay for Blackjack

  4. Three cheers for Blackjack!

    Snow is on the way here too. Looks like winter wants to have a good "go" this year.


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