Monday, December 21, 2009

Solstice Day

It's one of those really beautiful winter days - the snow is very pretty, and the footing is about perfect. It isn't too cold - we're expecting a high of 28F today, which is seasonal - and there's only a little wind. I had an easy morning at the barn. Only Dawn and Noble are blanketed, so that was easy. I had filled the water troughs yesterday, so that was all done too.

Noble was very interested in breakfast this morning. I put up his stall guard when I get to the barn so he can supervise my activities. This morning his ears were up and his eyes were bright, and when I brought him his mash he nickered for it and dove right in, and licked the pan clean. When I turned him out, he wandered off and started digging in the snow for grass bits. This is the best he's been in weeks. He's still on the schedule tomorrow to see the vet in case she can determine what's been wrong with him. But at least he's feeling better right now - I think part of the reason he was so depressed before was he couldn't eat well and was very unhappy about that.

At one point this morning, Dawn spotted something in the distance that she was very interested in - she trotted across the dry lot to the fence and looked intently over the fence. I stood next to her to try to see what she saw, but couldn't. I expect it may have been a deer, or else a coyote hunting voles or mice.

I had a fun interaction with Dawn last week that involved plastic. On the day I brought Noble's new heavy blanket and Dawn's new fleece to the barn, I left the big plastic zipped container and the small plastic bag in the aisle when I went to get Dawn from her stall to groom her. Not only was she not scared of the plastic bags, she actually went up to them and touched them with her nose. I was also able to crumple them - the large plastic container made interesting noises. She was still interested in touching with her nose, and was rewarded with a tongue click and a treat. Perhaps plastic is turning into something fun to investigate!

I like the solstice - we always play solstice/winter revels music and note where the sun sets as it's the farthest south it gets - we have a good view of the sunset from our kitchen eating area and enjoy watching the position of the sun change over the year. I also like the concept of the solstice, the turn of the year, with the days now getting longer although we have much more winter to go.

It's such a beautiful day, and the footing is OK for once, so I'm thinking perhaps Maisie and I will take a trail ride this afternoon before the sun sets.


  1. Hope you can manage to get out for a ride - 28F is a pretty decent temp...

    Here's to the days slowly getting longer again!

  2. I'm glad to hear Noble is feeling better! Hope you have a lovely ride.

    My drive home from the barn is west, so I've been watching the sun set a lot. It goes behind some jagged peaks, and I've been watching it slip further south every day. I'm very glad it'll start easing north again!

  3. Sounds good , and a nice day too! I am jealous , we are getting more snow, and a bit colder again

  4. The winter solstice is a perfect day to take a trail ride and reflect on the year past and the new one to come.

    I'm happy to hear Noble is eating and doing so well again. And Dawn, well, that's great about the plastic bags. You've done lots of good training with her and it's paying off. Congratulations take a pat on the back out of petty cash!

  5. Happy Solstice! Your Solstice Day revelry sounds like a blast.

    Glad to hear Noble is feeling better. Sounds like you're right about that tooth.

  6. It seems that Noble has really turned the corner...such good news. Did I read that you take music lessons? What kind?

  7. Yes, it's good to hear Noble is doing better. Hope you got to take your ride. I am pretty sore today, so taking it easy.

  8. I hope I can get Cibolo to a good place with plastic. I'd love to see him sniff at a bag...

  9. Good for Dawn. That's quite an accomplishment for you both.

    And Noble! What great news. He probably was very unhappy not being able to eat. Poor boy. Keeping my fingers crossed for the vet visit.

  10. Lori Skoog - I take recorder lessons, and play soprano, alto and tenor, and hope to start playing bass this year. It's a lot of fun - I'd never really played any music until very recently.

  11. Glad to hear that Noble is feeling better.
    Hope you get to go on that trail ride! I sure wish I could get back on the trail, probably won't happen until spring with the way the weather is around here.


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