Saturday, December 19, 2009

Some Good, Some Not So Good

This morning, Noble seemed happy to see me and ate some of the hay I gave him - although he had a bunch left from last night that he didn't want to eat. He wasn't eager for his breakfast, but did eat when I fed him - but he didn't finish all of it and he's usually a member of the clean plate club. When I turned him out, he did take a long drink, which was good, but as he started to drink, some pulpy goop fell out of his mouth - it looked to be chewed hay/feed he hadn't swallowed. And then he just stood by the gate instead of going to the round bale to eat.

I'm suspecting a tooth problem, although he's been regularly seen by the dentist. If it's not that, it's something else that's depressing him generally and causing him to lose his appetite. He has no fever and isn't colicing - poop and pee were normal in his stall this morning - but he's not feeling very good. I'm hoping when the vet comes on Tuesday that she can figure out what's troubling him, and if we can do anything about it. I'm going to offer him some soaked beet pulp this evening and see if he wants to eat that. Thanks very much for all those who have left kind comments - I very much appreciate it.

We had a bit of snow last night, and the surface of the icy areas melted just enough yesterday that the snow is sticking to it and making for good footing - just what I ordered! It would be a good day for a ride, except I won't be back from my music lessons until after dark. My younger daughter, who got home from college last night (flight was 3 hours late!), wanted to go to the barn at midnight to see Dawn, but decided to wait until today - she didn't want to wake her up if she were sleeping. My daughter says Dawn is usually mad at her when she first comes back!


  1. A toothache would be a welcome diagnose, I think? My fingers crossed and prayers extended. Your 'good footing' snow sounds great. We are in the mid 70s, not a hint of cooler weather. Even Santa is sweating.

  2. Hope Noble's issue relsoved easily , sad when the old fella's have trouble

  3. Sure hope that Noble comes good with the exam! I do hate it when they are off and not right... just love those horsefaces!
    Thanks too for the consoling words to me

  4. Sure hope it is a tooth problem only because that's pretty easy to fix.

  5. Oh, Noble, why are you worrying the humans? I'm sorry, Kate, and I hope the vet has good news.

    Is your daughter going to get to ride today?

  6. A toothache sure would fit all of the symptoms he's having... here's to an easy fix for Noble.

  7. Kate, I hope it is a tooth problem, thinking of you and Noble.

  8. Until he is seen by the vet, feed him a mash made from soaked hay pellets or cubes. This is more easily chewed and swallowed when a horse has a tooth problem. Also, warm up his drinking water, really cold water is very difficult to drink when you have a problem tooth.

  9. Just catching up now. I sorely hope it is a tooth problem, or something easily fixed.


  10. oh no, something's wrong with noble and you have to wait til tuesday to know?

    oh no!! i'm so worried here! i adore noble!

    and since i've now learned the ways of COLD (just this week)....i agree with anon, warm his water and his hay pellet/beetpulp mashes! my horse is seriously suffering in this weather, at least psychologically, and the warm water and warm meals are all i can do to help. i'm thinking about upping the warm beet pulp mashes to three times daily. but the house-temp carrots will do i think for now.

    i think? oh i don't know, i've never seen such cold weather in my life!

    ~lytha, cold newbie


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