Monday, January 11, 2010

Back to Normal and Lily and Norman Pay a Virtual Visit

It's back to normal January weather - a high of about 25F, some sun, some wind but not too much, and the horses and I are happy about it. We're back to a normal day in turnout, and we're happy about that too. All the horses were very well-behaved when I led and turned out, and only two left the gate at a speed greater than a walk - Maisie who cantered off, and Noble, who trotted away. Everyone else ambled. Sugar led through the gate with no problems (she was excessively excited yesterday, as I mentioned in my post) and Fred was fine (yesterday he did his "I can act like a nut if I feel like it" - he's a big goof - and got away from Sugar's owner who was leading him and did some running up and down the long aisle next to the pastures, to the great excitement of the other horses). Maisie had been a little fussy while I was grooming her before turnout, and we had one of those "I'm so sorry you just happened accidentally to run your muzzle into my sharp, pointed finger that just happened to be there" occasion after an attempted head-butt.

Thanks to Melissa from Paradigm Farms, Lily and Norman the pony paid a virtual visit over the weekend - here they are enjoying a little snowfall in Tennessee. I like the big snowflakes in the Lily picture!

They are both wearing Rhino turnout blankets of the type I described in my recent blanket post - these are several years old and are holding up OK although they've needed some repairs - I'd describe them as medium weight and medium to good durability.

Scout got new a new turnout blanket, which you can see in Jill's post - it's a Turtleneck, and I really like how it fits and stays in position - the fit in the neck and shoulders is particularly good.

Enjoy your Monday, and may it include horses!


  1. It's nice to get a virtual visit from Lily and Norman. They look like they're doing very well at their new home. I hope they've made lots of new friends too!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

    Norman, the spotted pony, is absolutely adorable!



  3. The turtle necks are pretty neat, once I followed your link. I was expecting something more human like, I think. I learn so much from you!!

  4. No one told Norman that it was going to snow in Tennessee!

  5. Norman and Lily look quite content. Snow, just like home...*G*

    Glad to know the temperatures are moderating. 25 is still cold, but far more tolerable.

  6. I laughed when I first moved to CA and the horses had sheets AND blankets on. BUT like the people, the horses get acclimated. I take the blanket off my mare and if it is below 70 she shivers. Unbelievable. So much for ever retiring her to a colder climate, she'd freeze to death. Norman and Lily look very happy.


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