Sunday, January 3, 2010

Diamond Dust and OT Pets

This morning when I took the dog out it was -2F, with a wind chill of -14 - a little brisk for my taste. As soon as the sun came up - it was another beautifully clear day - the wind dropped a little and the temperature started to rise. The horses insisted on going out - the longer a cold snap goes on and the more they're in, the more they want out and the more they're willing to tolerate in terms of cold. A few days ago they would have only been willing to stay out for a little bit, but now they want Out, Now. Maisie and Dawn both bolted from the gate, and Noble was so excited he jogged all the way to turnout and then trotted off. I checked on them at about 11 a.m. - the temperature was about 10F with a wind chill of zero - and everyone was eating on the round bales and seemed content.

As I was cleaning stalls, I noticed there was some light snow coming down - one cloud, but otherwise sunlit. At that point, the wind had dropped and the snowflakes were actually dancing in the sunlight, just moving here and there, up and down and back and forth, suspended in the air. And when they fell to earth, the snowflakes lay on top of the old snow like tiny, glittering mirrors - very beautiful.

And now for some unrelated pets. Our new young cat, Simon, has been warring with Liza, or perhaps it's the other way around. They do seem to be calming down somewhat, and this is what I found to my surprise yesterday - Liza to the left, Simon at the bottom and Fat Cat on the right:

And for those of you who requested GSD pictures, please see this picture - taken at the same time as the cat photo.

Have a beautiful January day, and may it include horses (and cats and dogs)!


  1. Love the picture of the three kitties, they all look very content as they nap together!

  2. Hehe kitties kipping...butter wouldn't melt.

  3. Pretty peaceful looking to me!

    I gave up and put my horses in for the afternoon. Whatever weather you get, we have the next day. They will go out for as long as it takes to set up for evening chores, and then that is it for the night. My cheeks are brilliant!

  4. Looks like a cat truce to me! Sometimes my kittles sleep on top of each other, so they get along just fine.

    Nasty wind here along with freezing temperatures. But my Boys were spending most of their time outside despite having free access to the barn. Go figure.

  5. Cold temperatures probably are helping the kitties realize that they might need to snuggle together for warmth - they better get along! Too cute.

  6. Ha ha, they look like they're sleeping, but Liza is keeping both eyes on Simon. - Amy324

  7. the subject...I use Morning Star Garden Veggie Burgers. They are outstanding...have red peppers and water chestnuts in them. Just as good to me as a beef burger. Try one.

  8. (Boca Burgers are good too)

    We want to get another cat but I've never tried to bring in a cat to a single cat house. They are so territorial!

    The new snow sounds lovely... Wish I could handle the cold as well as the horses!

  9. Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog. It's always great to meet new folks out there. I love the picture of all your cats on that amazing quilt!
    How in the world do you keep up with all your blogs?

  10. Our horses get a little testy if they're left in any time. Yesterday morning they had their hay strewn down the aisles along with their feed buckets. And it was only 9 o'clock. They are so spoiled. But they did come in early like it or not. I don't think we're as cold as you, although the wind chill is nasty, but we've got snow everyday. It's pretty but enough is enough and it's only January!
    Glad your kitties are getting along better now.

  11. When we first got Lena, we thought we were being excellent horse parents and boarded her in a place where she was in a stall but was supposed to be turned out every day.

    Well, the turnout started happening less and less (still don't really know why because we left that facility) and one day she kicked a hole in her stall wall. That was bad enough, but the barn manager then called her a witch-with-a-b and I was done.

    We moved to where we are now 3 years ago, open paddock with a shelter, and she has been happy ever since. (Well, besides feeling neglected with the two horses we've acquired since then, anyway.)

    Of course, we live in Northern CA, so don't face the kinds of temperatures you do there in IL. Otherwise, I suspect I'd be doing the balance you do every winter!

  12. Happy new year - how did you organise a cat truce? Our main house tom looks a bit like a cushion now he's so fat and it's only January1

  13. A couple of times I've been outside, with fresh snow on top of the old snow, and the sun has been at just the right angle to make all the individual snowflakes explode into rainbows. I've never seen dancing snowflakes though!

    Glad your horses are braving the cold, and your house pets are staying warm!

  14. Doesnt the sight of kitties all snuggled up together on the bed just warm your heart? :) I LOVE the quilt on that bed!!


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