Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ice Fog and Ice Fans

This morning we awoke to ice fog, much heavier than yesterday. And overnight, ice fans had formed on many surfaces. It was an extraordinarily beautiful sight - one of the most beautiful days I've ever experienced. Here are a series of photos around the barn, showing this amazing phenomenon.

The gate to the arena:

A rolling cart:

A water hydrant:

An aisle gate:

Fence (the red dot is where we've marked a board for replacement):

Up the aisle:

For more pictures I took this morning, please visit here and here.

Please enjoy the beauty around you (including horses!)!


  1. Those are beautiful Kate! Right now, we'd rather see that than the almost 5" of rain that arrived in the past 24 hours....

    Hey Love the header too!!

  2. Wow, those are amazing photos! I particularly love the water hydrant picture.

  3. The water hydrant was really neat looking, very cool. I must say that ice fog and ice fans are not something that we see here, very pretty!

  4. The lacy ice/snow really is pretty. Moments like that can actually make me appreciate winter's beauty.

  5. Your pictures are so chilling and so gorgeous. Make sure you look at them in the middle of August when we are all sweltering!

  6. Great photos! I've never seen ice fans like that, very well developed :)

  7. WOW!!! Kate, what gorgeous pictures! I too like the pump the best, really shows the ice fans. never heard of that before or have never seen anything like it! Just beautiful!!

  8. How amazing! I've never seen such little branches of ice. Almost makes the cold weather worthwhile.


  9. You captured some great shots Kate. Almost all of our snow has melted and it was 40 today. It may rain, and if it does everything will disappear.

  10. Keep it, please. I so want to be done with that nonsense. And if the horses are a reliable indicator, we are. They are already dropping their winter coats!

  11. Very cool photos - I think the hydrant is my fav!


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