Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Portraits

We're having just at or above freezing days and below freezing nights, and although the snow is melting, the resulting ice isn't an improvement. It's particularly bad in high-traffic areas, such as aisles, gates and around water troughs. I'd love it if we'd have temperatures that would stay above freezing - not going to happen much this time of year - or else some (dare I say it?) snow. We're supposed to get a mix of rain and snow later this week - I'm not sure if that'll help or hurt, we'll have to see.

I was able to get some good portraits today, not all of which degenerated into nose shots, before my camera's battery gave up the ghost - perhaps from the cold. So not all 11 horses got their pictures taken - Joe, Scout and Noble are missing from this batch.

Sugar had to come up close:

Misty looked very pretty today:

Dawn paused briefly in her eating to give me the once-over:

Maisie was displaying (ahem . . .) her wares to the geldings - I guess when there are no stallions around geldings will just have to do (that's Fritz on the right in the second photo):

Fritz and Fred frequently hang out together:

Fred has a very sweet face:

Fred has a good goat beard going, and I got a tongue too just by chance:

Fred probably has the worst feet in the barn, but at least they're pretty with their stripes:

Little Blackjack, our oldest resident - he's somewhere in his 30s - is doing well this winter - he's eating well and maintaining his weight:

Charisma's hard to photograph - she's more interested in eating than anything else - I only got some fragments, including the last photo of a sturdy Morgan hoof:

Enjoy your weekend, and may it include horses!


  1. I love the pictures! Yes, I've definitely found that mares and geldings are attracted to one another. Neither party seems to fully realize the geldings can't perform -- or maybe the mares just like to tease the geldings with what they can't have! At one of my old barns, the geldings and mares all paired off in the spring. And of course, at our current barn Panama is quite the ladies' man!

  2. I love how my one boarder, old RT (30), gets all mushy-eyed and studly with the girls. This year he'll have competition from little Jackson, who still has his man-parts, but is scheduled for "brain surgery" in March!

    Love all your sweet, contented faces.

  3. got some great shots today. What a sweet herd! I know what you mean about the weather and icy conditions... same here.

  4. Beautiful shots, and it's great to see a 30 year old doing so well. Our resident old horse, Shilo, looks everyday of 28.

    Lily often shows the gelding what they are missing. This creates quite a stir, with her herd mate, Armador, running them all off along the fence line. He has made it very clear - she is his.

    (Personally I think she's playing him, but what can you do)


  5. These girls! Dusty does the same thing to all the boys. Love your shots of all the kids, they are a pretty bunch.

  6. Great photos, nice to see some nakey ponies!

    I have a really over-sexed gelding, he's even been eyes up the twenty-something, laminitic, half-his-size Welsh Sec B mare on our yard...

  7. No girls here, so I have no idea what would happen with my Boys.

    Nice pictures and you are fast with the shutter to click them off before your lens was smothered with horse kisses. They all look content, happy and healthy.

  8. They are nice pictures, but why is the one wearing a fly mask? I'm guessing bugs aren't much of a problem right now.

  9. SprinklerBandit - Blackjack wears a fly mask in turnout because he has vision problems - he has chronic uveitis and cataracts, and doesn't see well and is sensitive to sunlight. Because he can't see well, he tends to run his eyes into things including hay stems and grass stalks, causing corneal scratches - which are painful and take a lot of treatment. The fly mask provides some protection and also shields his eyes from the bright sunlight. In summer the mask helps keep the flies away from his eyes.

  10. Lily has been 'showing her wares' to the geldings as well the last couple of days! The big boys have gotten so used to the teasing from the mares they mostly don't even acknowledge it any more!

  11. All the horses look beautiful - I especially like Sugar's dark covered with the winter red fluffy hair over top and on muzzle. Very pretty!

  12. Great pix. Misty is lovely. I love the way she is built.


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