Friday, January 8, 2010

Snow Horses

Well, we got our snow. Here are the manure buckets outside the barn door:

The horses were very excited to get out into the snow. Noble had a good roll, chased Fred around the round bale and showed his snowy face:

The mares had the most fun. Dawn sniffed the air, and off she went!

Maisie got into the dance:

Dawn was on a roll:

Misty briefly got in on the act:

I particularly like this shot of Dawn passing in front of Misty:

Dawn finally settled down and stared for a moment off into the distance:

Maisie was excited again for a moment, and then showed off her snowy muzzle:

Dawn flopped down for a roll, and when she got up, did her "move now" face:

After everything settled down, I did some impromptu scary object work with Dawn. We haven't been doing much work lately due to the weather, and this was a perfect opportunity - she'd had a chance to work off her energy and would be more able to concentrate, and she was completely unconstrained, which was perfect for what I wanted to do. I had taken my camera out to the pastures in a big Zip-loc bag, which was in my pocket. I took the bag out, crinkled it - Dawn was alarmed, much snorting and blowing, although interested, too - and put the camera inside the bag. Then, holding it against my body, I approached Dawn until I was just slightly too close for her comfort and she started to move off. I immediately turned my body sideways to her to reduce the pressure. She was then willing to try to approach. As she was creeping up on me, if she started to have doubts and turn away, I would turn sideways or even take a step away from her (to "draw" her a bit). Finally, I was able to hold the bag out towards her. Then I was able to click with my tongue and treat her for closer and closer approaches. The last time she put her nose within inches of the bag, and got her last click and treat. It was a good place to stop - next time I'll bet she's willing to touch the bag.

Whatever your weather, enjoy it if you can, and may your day include horses!


  1. Hey Kate. A great collection of shots. They all look gorgeous! How much snow did you get? Right now my son-in-law is supposed to be flying into Chicago from Tulsa. I wonder if he will be able to get back here today (he was supposed to fly yesterday but it was cancelled). Have a great day!
    We are currently getting a lot of light fluffy snow.

  2. Lori - The snow's all done, so maybe your son-in-law will do OK. I think we got about 12" of snow, but it's hard to tell because the wind's blown it around.

  3. Great photos! The way the horses frolic always makes the cold weather a little more bearable. Hope you stay warm and dry!

  4. For some reason, I really like the shot of Misty tossing her head! Thanks for the snow pics :)

  5. that is awesome! i love the pics of them playing in snow, and i fully get it now: ) snow is fun for them! (yesterday i was scared baasha would actually HURT me

    your high necked blankets reminded me of an endurance ride vet, who once, on a rainy cold endurance ride said, "i want the horse COVERED at stops. not just a blanket, his neck too! i want the entire horse covered while he is waiting in the check!"

    i'll never forget how adamant he was, that horses lose so much heat from their necks too. it was a freezing cold ride, and i remember some endurance riders were sponging, out of habit. hey!!!!!!!!!! stop your habit, look, it's freezing out! unbelievable.

    someone (aarene) help me here, was that mike foss dvm?

    i think so.

    anyway, thanks for the pics. we have had -4 temp, but a horrible, horrible wind all day long, the trees shaking their snow off sideways all day, snowballs from god himself. i cannot stand to be out there - only as long as it takes to feed my horse and warm his water.

    my goodness. this weekend is supposed to "snow us all in" - something i've never experienced here in germany. but the stores were awfully urgent tonight.

    they say the plows will run out of salt too.

    oh boy!


  6. Oh Kate! The photos of everyone playing are wonderful. Dawn and Maisie crack me up. They are having a lot of fun!

  7. Wow great photo shots. Bodhi is really missing out on snow to play in. Good to see Noble in good spirits and feeling frisky

  8. Great photos! Nice that the footing was good for them to kick up their heels a bit.

  9. You make it look like so much fun! I could almost come to appreciate snow.

    Okay, who am I kidding. Still happy to see them all up and running around. And good for Dawn. She'll be so much better off if she starts to see bags as good things. Have you tried feeding her a carrot from one? Like have it sticking out of the bag?

    Made a convert of Canyon way back when.

  10. Great pictures. I love seeing horses having fun like that.

    I agree about the carrots in the bag. My Boys tend to like little plastic bags because of that.

  11. Love the new picture at the top, it's so unusual and such a great shot. They all look like they are having such fun. Glad Noble felt like kicking up his heels a little to.

    Even if it is cold and snowy you've shown that training can still continue in this weather. Next time she'll be using the camera from the bag to take her own pictures.

  12. Lovely pictures, the horses look so charged up in the snow!

  13. this is called real winter fun :o)

  14. Okay, you almost make me want snow! And I love the new picture up top!

    The horses all look like blanket models, too. :)

  15. OK your snow pictures are waaaaay better than mine, although to be fair you had actual snow to work with and I didn't!

  16. Great photos.They look to have weathered the storm nicely

  17. Love love love the new picture on top of your blog! What a great capture!
    Thoughts-I've never used a neck cover..what are your thoughts? I just put a pic of Laz with icicles in his mane and perhaps I should get him this?!


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