Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting Out On the Right Foot (or Hoof)

This morning it was spectacularly clear - where the sky seems almost transparent - with the full moon setting to the west. It was about 3F, with wind chills below zero, so I drove to the barn after giving the dog a short walk. Since wind chills are unlikely to get much above zero today, turnout is at owner option. I'll go back later and turn my two mares out for a little while, and give Noble a hand-walk in the barn aisle. We're supposed to get even colder, with more wind, for the next several days - wind chills Saturday morning are supposed to be around -15F and around -20F Sunday morning, so I expect turnout will be limited to nonexistent. When the horses are in, my (long-suffering) husband comes to the barn with me to top up the horses' water so no one is thirsty before stalls are cleaned.

We always take down our tree on New Year's Day, so we did that when I got back from the barn, and then I did some house cleaning - the air smells wonderfully of pine needles!

* * * * * *

Turned Maisie and Dawn out at around lunchtime. The wind's starting to pick up, but the temperature's up to about 12F, so the wind chill is hovering around zero, but they seem glad to be out in the sunlight - and with a new round bale to chow down on. I had intended to hand-walk Noble, but he absolutely insisted on going out - much whinnying and even some stall-dancing! So out he went - I'll go back in a couple of hours to check on them and bring them in if necessary. It was nice enough that I was able to stand out and fill water troughs while watching the horses. A nice start to the year!

Enjoy your January day, and may it include horses!


  1. We are having a crisp bright day here too, hopefully it warms up a bit , I would like to turn the little ones out for a while.Nice that your hubby is so sweet ot go out with you

  2. Sounds cold but inspiring to be out on a crisp clear day with the horses. Stay warm and Happy New Year.

  3. Boy Kate, it really gets cold where you live. It is about 32 here and the snow is falling. Glad you were able to get your horses out...they must appreciate it! Enjoy the day.

  4. I am shivering just thinking of those temps. Sometimes it gets that cold here, but not very often, thank goodness.

    Noble knows what he wants, that's for sure. Glad you were willing to indulge the gentleman...or from the sound of it, he gave you little choice. *G*

  5. A great start, although I hope you get a bit of a break from the cold snap, brr!

  6. I love the image of Noble demanding to go out like the girls! He is so cute!
    There is a good side to cold too - quiet, peace, clear sky, no people around! Glad your January started out so horsey and fun.

  7. I am very happy that Noble made it clear he wanted out - sounds like he really is back to himself!

  8. Does that horse not realize how cold it is? Boy, I'd be hiding under a haystack.

    I'm just a wimpy southerner, that's for sure. My toes got cold just reading your description!

  9. Hey Kate! I spent this afternoon cleaning my desk -- I figured starting out on the right hoof meant starting out clean and organized -- and I found a book that made me think of a whole new book giveaway to do:

    Will you make a mention on your blog? I'd love to get a good number of horse stories. :o)


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