Tuesday, January 19, 2010

White and Blue, and a Request

It's a beautiful day - we're supposed to get up to about 30F, the sun is shining brightly, the sky is blue and a number of birds are singing. It's one of those blue and white days - the contrast between the sky and the white of the snow is amazing. It's a day where it seems you can see forever - the horizons, with winter trees, are very distinct. And the horses are starting to shed, a sure sign that spring will be here at some point. Maisie has been shedding for a bit, and Dawn just started to shed a little this morning. I guess it takes a long time to grow a beautiful, sleek summer coat!

(A special request - I'm looking for some help from my blogging friends in determining if what I'm writing on my finance blog is written in a way people can understand, and which is of some use to people who aren't finance professionals - if you would be willing to visit Fear No Finance for a moment, and tell me, even anonymously, if I'm on the right track or not with what I'm writing, even if you have no further interest in the topic - these posts take a lot of effort and it's hard for me to tell if it's taking a useful direction without feedback. Sorry to impose, and please feel free to ignore this request.)

Please enjoy your day (whether or not it includes horses)!


  1. I love beautiful white and blue days like the one you're enjoying today. Unfortunately, we've got gray and drizzle.

  2. I can't believe your ponies are starting to shed already!!!!! Reading your posts it sounds like it has been freezing and with still snow around I find it interesting that they fwould start shedding. I have never lived anywhere it snows - well not like the snow you have! :o) I would love to give it a go though!

    I am just imagining the beautiful contrast that you painted of teh clean crisp whiteness of the snow and then the crystal blue of the sky above!!!!

    (I will have a read of your finance blog tonight when I have more time!)

  3. I think the lengthening daylight hours trigger the shedding.

    I'll check out your finance blog later and comment.

    Beautiful blue sky winter days can be stunning. No snow here, but we have had some blue sky and sunshine.

  4. Nina - I believe Jean is correct - shedding, and coat growth, are largely the result of day length changes, not temperatures or weather conditions. But each horse seems to have its own slightly different schedule - Maisie is always one of our earliest shedders of winter (in late January) and summer (starting in July) coats.

  5. I haven't noticed shedding yet... Their coats just seem to be so darn thick. I can say I've never seen a horse get a coat like Rosie does! Enjoy your Blue and Whites... much prettier then gray and drizzle.

  6. Our days are getting longer here, too. I noticed Baby Doll shedding when I brushed her on Saturday. Our temps have been in the 40's, even though we're still getting snow and sleet this week. We'll get snow all the way through May up here in the mountains, too.
    It's a good thing horses don't shed all at once.


  7. Off topic, but I wanted to thank you for pointing me towards Tom Widdicombe's book. It's really filling in some holes for me.

  8. stilllearning - thanks - although it's a very simple and straightforward book, it's also profound and very useful to me as well.


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