Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bright and Cold With More Snow

My posts are pretty much turning into weather reports - that's about all that goes on right now with the horses. We had another 5" or so of snow last night, but this time it was the fluffy, light lake effect type that is easy to move. It does tend to blow around a lot, though, which it's certainly been doing with all the wind we're having. It's only in the mid 20sF, with lower wind chills, but it seems warmer because the sun is so bright.

I was surprised not to see more animal tracks this morning. Usually after a fresh snow, there are more tracks. There were a number of rabbit tracks in the back yard - big leaps between prints, and prints one of the barn cats left outside the barn door:

I like the effects the texture of the snow makes, and the shadows, in the low light of early morning:

Blackjack continues to feel and eat well - he's up to 5/6 of his normal beet pulp/senior feed ration, and licks his bin clean!


  1. So pretty! Although I must admit, I am so sick of cold and snow and the rest of it! Who is up for SpRiNg?? I am, I am!

  2. Gorgeous pictures - I sure hear you on the weather reports! LOL!

  3. The snow looks purple...I don't appreciate you sending it East tho!
    Good news about Blackjack.

  4. Great pictures of the snow, we didn't get as much as they were saying. Only a couple of inches and hope it stays at that but will wait and see.
    Licking his bowl clean, ahhh, good boy Blackjack!!!
    stay warm!!!

  5. Good news about Blackjack! You go, boy!

    A lot of blogs have become weather reports this year. I know mine has. And it doesn't help that we are now getting another storm, even as I type.

  6. My blog isn't much more than a weather report these days either!

  7. Brrr. Come visit us out in Oregon..we barely even have any mud this year! Warm weather wishes for you.

  8. I am so fed up with snow. It snowed her all day. But your photos are beautiful. I do enjoy seeing the footprints and trying to figure out who they belong to.

    Stay warm.


  9. ok illinois, you win! my gosh you have a lot of snow still! i just survived over 8 weeks of it and i started something that felt like seasonal affective disorder (not sure though).

    but yesterday the snow started receding, and i drove straight to the local nursery to buy soil activator and browse spring flowers.

    i got my greenhouse all tidied up and fertilized, and planters for starts prepared. i jumped out of bed before dawn and started planning my vegetables. some odd power is compelling me - the power brought by the color green that is being revealed from underneath the snow.

    i'm SO excited about planting stuff and waiting eagerly for the first time i get to fire up my lawn mower and make pretty mower lines on my grass.

    ~lytha, spring fevered

  10. I love your photos! One day I hope to get to live somewhere where it snows!!!!! It looks so romantic!!!!

  11. *sigh* send some more my way! it's beautiful. We did get 2" 2 nights ago... but it's gone already.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  12. Beautiful, but I am so sick of snow! lol

    Glad to hear that Black Jack is almost up to full rations. Horses eating is a good thing. :)

  13. It's amazing what the snow reveals of the night life going on around our homes while we asleep. Sometimes our dogs wake us up barking at something in the middle of the night. I always investigate, but never see what they are barking at. Then in the morning I'll find fresh tracks close to the house.


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