Monday, February 8, 2010

No To Rollkur

Billie over at camera-obscura has posted the logo and text, and invited us to do the same in solidarity with Dr. Heuschmann and his message at the meeting on Feb. 9th. Please consider adding your voice to this important debate, and adding logo and text to your blog as well.

The FEI is holding a closed-door round table meeting on Feb. 9th to discuss the training method known as rollkur, or hyperflexion, which involves pulling and holding the horse's muzzle to his chest. This practice is known to have many negative effects on the horse, both physically and psychologically. Gerd Heuschmann, the lone voice for the horse at this meeting, has my support and appreciation as he presents his case "for the good of the horse" along with petitions and letters saying NO TO ROLLKUR.

Please take a moment today and again tomorrow to think positively about the outcome of this meeting. It will make a difference.

Rollkur is but one example, in one discipline, of abuses perpetrated against horses in the name of "training" and "competition". All principled horsepeople need to speak out when and how they can against the abuses that exist in their own disciplines.


  1. Absolutely right. The horses can't speak for themselves so they need us to be their advocates. Let's hope this meeting is more productive than the others they've held.

  2. yanno... I didn't know what this was so I read up on it. All I can say is OMG WTF is wrong with people to train like that?


  3. I keep hoping that for once, the horses will win. Surely, by now, the powers that be have heard some of the uproar from the larger horse community.

  4. Well, Totilas is trained using Rollkur methods and he is setting records every time he competes. (I should say I assume Totilas is trained with Rollkur methods since Edward Gal is a protege of Anky and Sjef) As disgusting as it is I think the practice is here to stay. Especially since the judges keep rewarding the horses trained with Rollkur with high scores . . . apparently judges like the results Rollkur produces. So sad for the horses.

  5. Yep, the judges keep rewarding the rollkur-trained horses, unfortunately. It's sickening. I was just at the Exquis World Dressage Masters freestyle over the weekend and Anky won, despite the fact that Salinero was completely tense and wound-up like a spring the whole ride, not to mention completely uneven in front. Meanwhile, Steffen Peters and Ravel got second, despite Peters' soft, kind ride and the obviously loose and supple Ravel. It's infuriating. I read an interview with the one judge who scored Peters and Ravel higher than Anky and he said that Ravel was much freeer and looser through the back, which is what they expect in a horse competeing at such a level. At least ONE judge knew what he was doing. *rolls eyes* I have my fingers crossed that the FEI will do the right thing and ban the use of rollkur in the warm-up ring -- that will hopefully force riders into training their horses properly. One can only hope.


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