Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Signs of Spring and Blackjack Does Well

Even though we're still getting some snow on and off, and temperatures have rarely been above freezing this month at all - our average high for now should be about 40F so things are well below average - there are definite signs of spring.

All the horses have started shedding - the early shedders like Maisie continue to drop more fur, and the late shedders like Noble and Dawn have just started a little bit - Dawn is so thin coated that, if she lost too much fur before the summer coat started growing in, she'd be naked!

The skunks are out and around - a constant hazard when I take the dog out so I have to keep a good eye out. I believe they are in breeding season right now. The great horned owls should be breeding as well, but I haven't heard or seen any lately. The willow branches are getting very yellow - they're about the only spot of color out there.

And the afternoon light is much more springlike - I'll try to keep that in mind when our wind chills are below zero Wednesday night!

* * * * * *

And, for all you Blackjack fans, he continues to do very well. He's been off his pain meds since the weekend, and continues to eat and feel well. The vet wants him to eat his senior/beet pulp in preference to hay cubes, as the senior/pulp has more nutritional value. So, every day, we've been slowly increasing his senior/pulp amount back towards normal. If he ate everything in his bin last night, he'll get a little more this morning. It's great to see him doing this well, at least for now, as we thought he was not going to be with us much longer. We're keeping our fingers crossed that it was something temporary and not an underlying health problem.


  1. Glad that Blackjack is going in the right direction. This morning it is melting here, should be raining pretty soon. Other than that, not too many signs of spring.

    You Miranda observations and comments have been very interesting. I don't think she has any control over her behavior...the poor girl.

  2. As you know we've been below average as well, typically only mid 40's during the day when we should be pushing 60 at this point. The last few days were normal but we're back to 40's again for a few days. UGH.

    I am so glad Blackjack is still on the upswing, he is such a cute old guy, I just love him!

  3. Glad to hear that Blackjack is doing well...

    Signs of spring? You are lucky! :-)
    It is snowing here. We haven't had any real snow since Xmas, so I can't complain too much!

  4. Still spring here, haha. Winter is long over. Being a novice to horse life, I didn't know they shed!

  5. Glad to read that Blackjack is doing well. Spring is comming yippee!

  6. i thought of you this morning as i did a very stupid thing - the opposite, i think, of what you did recently.

    i swept all the bedding off the snow/ice layer, leaving only ice.

    agh, i didn't know that would happen! underneath the tracked bedding was ice so hard and slippery, even though it is a flat spot, i almost fell down fast. like someone *greased* the ice.

    for the first time, i had to actually shut the stall door and poor baasha was a stalled horse all day today. my fault.

    so tonight i went out there with a salt shaker (really) and sprinkled salt everywhere it was slick.

    we'll see if i can open the stall door in a bit!

    this winter, *shakes head*


  7. So glad that Blackjack is improving thanks to your good care. And every time I complain about our weather, I think about yours and tell myself to stop it. I grew up outside of Chicago, so I remember winters that were so much worse than this one. Why does Spring still seem so far away?

  8. The horses have started shedding here too. I think Panama sounds like Dawn -- he is not shedding nearly as much as some of the others, but I think that's because his coat is so much thinner.

  9. Spring? There is another blizzard/nor'easter predicted for the East Coast at the end of the week.

    So happy about Blackjack. The old guys are so special in this world. Knowing one is so well cared for makes me smile.

  10. glad Blackhack is doing well...BUT I am extremely jelous of the spring signs that you write about...

    it was minus 40F this AM...deep freeze - no spring

  11. It's still very cold here too and our boys are showing no signs of dropping their coat!

    I'm so pleased to hear that Blackjack continues to do well, I also hope that it's just a temporary blip :)

  12. Glad to hear about Blackjack.

    The weather here can't decide to snow, sleet or rain. I'll be happy to see a little sun. I have had it with this winter.

  13. Peeewwww!Skunks! I hope you're able to avoid them.

    Yay for Blackjack! I hope he just keeps getting better and bette each day!



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