Thursday, March 18, 2010

Beautiful Day

We had a gorgeous early spring day today - temperatures got into the 60sF, and there was a lot of sun. It was also quite windy, but that didn't matter too much because it was so warm, and besides, wind is good for drying out mud!

Maisie got a bit of lungeing before I rode, but she was pretty relaxed about the whole thing so we trotted a bit in both directions for a bit, with some inside turns, and then I got on. Sometimes she's more spooky than normal when it's windy, but not today - maybe the warm day slowed her down. The arena was actually dry enough to use, or at least the central parts were - near the rail and the ends was still very deep, so we stayed towards the middle. As she usually does, she balked slightly at the gate (I was already mounted), but went through pretty quickly without a fuss. She really doesn't like arena work that much. We were able to do some trot work, including a lot of serpentines and circles. There were very few spooks or upsets - she was actually very good.

Then we went out on the trail, and took some short loops near the barn that she hasn't been on yet this year. At a couple of points she was a little bit nervous, but remained well-behaved and responsive. It was our best ride so far this year. I hope to ride again tomorrow - the weekend's not going to be possible both because we've got much colder weather and rain and snow moving in, and I have some other places I have to be.

My younger daughter rode Dawn in the arena, and reported that she was good. She also rode a bit in the field behind the barn, and Dawn managed to step on a front shoe with a hind foot, springing the shoe and tearing out one nail. Since the nail head was bent over and poking out towards her other front foot, I went back to the barn to take a look, after putting in a call to the farrier (who'd only been yesterday to put the shoes on in the first place). We were able to remove the offending nail, which was already pulled free of the hoof. The shoe's pretty bent, but she'll be OK until the farrier comes tomorrow - one thing I like about our farrier is that he will come quickly to do repairs - some of the other farriers at our barn don't and horses can go a long time missing a shoe. I know how to remove a shoe, but was glad I didn't have to (Mrs Mom, you should do a post on that sometimes for us amateurs who sometimes need to remove a shoe, or refer us to a good video if there is one).


  1. I can pull shoes and have all the tools, but I really don't enjoy doing it. My farrier does it so fast and makes it looks so easy, while I feel like a spend a lifetime on it!

  2. It sounds like a good riding day even with the wind. Farriers who come right away for repairs are nice to have. Our guy will do the same. I'm not so good at pulling shoes so I'm happy to have a reliable farrier. Hope the snowy/rainy weekend isn't too bad, it will be hard to have snow again after such nice weather this week.

  3. My farrier is like that, too. I pay more for him and he comes more often than some people wish they would, but he is worth his weight in gold.

    The weather has been good here, too--it's wonderful!! Lots of horse time!!

  4. its nice to hear the weather is improving over your way. I hope the approaching weather doesn't get too bad. Its good to have a great blacksmith isn't it?. Min has a team of guys working for him so I'm lucky. There is always one that can get here quickish. In summer a cold beer always goes down well too

  5. Hi Kate sounds like you had a great day playing in the sun. I have YET to ride in this warm weather, between me being sick, Rosie being sick, and mud.

    A good farrier is worth his weight in gold that's for sure.

  6. We are in the 60s, and I love it. How nice to see someone elses horses enjoying the mud.

  7. Here's to spring and here's to prompt farriers!!!

  8. My farrier is an angel too.

    Weather up around 70 here in NJ. I don't trust March, though. My mud is nearly gone, so I suppose we are due for some more rain...or snow...or something of the sort. *sigh*


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