Sunday, March 28, 2010

Dawn Takes a Spring Nap

Yesterday morning as I turned Dawn out, she did something she hasn't done in a long time - as I was taking her halter off, she almost ripped it out of my hands and bolted from the gate. I walked out to the round bale, rehaltered her and brought her back to the gate, took her outside, stood for a moment, then took her back in and unhaltered her again. This time she did better, although she still ran off once she was free.

As I was getting ready to leave the barn after doing morning chores a while later, I noticed that Dawn was taking her usual morning nap in the hay next to the round bale. I think she usually takes at least three naps a day, including one at noon time and one later in the afternoon. She perked up a little bit when I walked out to take some pictures:

But the eyes were very sleepy:

Maisie had to come up to investigate what I was doing:

Dawn's nose sagged down into the hay:

When she raised her head for a moment, her lower lip was drooping:

I love all the different angles in this shot:

The nose slowed descended again:

And then it was time for some solid REM sleep:

I love how the front legs elegantly fold up:

Her eye was partly open but she was deeply asleep:

The noise of the camera woke her up for a moment - it's amazing how they can move from sound asleep to fully alert in an instant:

A moment later, she was flat again and fast asleep, so I left her to get her rest without further disturbance.

* * * * * *
Yesterday was Scout's birthday - he's 7! - for his birthday post, and some cute foal pictures, see the post at Buckskin and Bay.


  1. She is really a lovely mare. I love to catch them asleep also. It amazes me just how little sleep they need.

  2. Oh, Dawn is so sweet asleep in the hay! Great photos!

  3. Great pictures! She sure is comfortable in that hay and sunshine.

    Have a great day!

  4. I really love that last one!

    I love to look out and see the horses down for their naps. They are like clock work aren't they? About mid morning they all start to drop.

  5. Must be beauty sleep Dawn is working on ,and clearly it works! Gorgeous girl!

  6. It's a hard life! What a sweetie (when she's not bolting away from the gate...).

  7. Great pictures! Panama is a big napper too, and very trusting when I catch him at it. I love seeing sleeping horses!

  8. OH ho!! I loved that last photo you took of that Gorgeous mare Dawn, the best...she looked pretty rested and so cute, just lifting her pretty enough, head to see whats what!
    Neat it!

    It must be a spring thing these days...our horses are liking the change in the weather as we are... The repeat unhaltering was a good idea.

  9. LOL, lovely is so hard :-)

  10. Love the pictures. Horses are so cute when they are sleepy like that. The hay looks nice enough for me to want to take a nap with her.

  11. It is interesting to me how different they all are. Some of the horses here sleep hard and often in dead horse position, whereas others I rarely see them down when they are napping, much less in dead horse pose. Dawn looks really cute in the pictures.

  12. Great pictures--you really captured her beauty.

  13. She looks all snug in her nice hay bed just soaking up the sun.

  14. Great post! I love the picture of her muzzle how the black makes such a neat pretty heart around her nostrils. Adorable!

  15. I love it when they look all sleepy - your could just smooch their little noses!!!!!

  16. Beautiful pics.... I break safety rules when Lic in napping, I like to sit down and lean up against her like a couch... so peaceful.

  17. Awesome napping pictures!!!!

  18. What beautiful pictures. Your eye as a photographer proves how deeply and closely you observe the horses. Sometimes, that's the best part of having them: just to be able to watch, to look.


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