Friday, March 5, 2010

A Fine Day For a Roll

It was in the low 20sF when I walked to the barn this morning, but it was beautifully sunny, and we're promised 40 degrees later today. There was almost a layer of mist at ground level, and every surface was covered with a fine layer of frost:

Since temperatures were warmer today, both Dawn and Noble went out for the first time in a very long time without blankets - neither gets much of a winter coat, and I expected rolling. I usually don't get good rolling pictures, as I'm either without my camera or too busy with horses to take pictures. But this morning I was prepared.

As I was waiting to see what Dawn would do, Misty took a drink:

Dawn surveys her kingdom:

She chose to roll in the hay next to the round bale. Much sniffing and pawing to select a good spot:

Folding up:

Ahh! (Please excuse the excessively "anatomical" view.)

Neck-scrubbing and leg wiggling (Misty keeps a wary eye out):


And up:

Immediately followed by the same process on the other side:

Noble opted for his usual rolling spot near the gate:

Due to some hind-end arthritis (his 30th birthday is in May), he sometimes struggles a bit to get up, particularly when he's on his left side:

A good shake to finish off:

Noble usually rolls on both sides, but I think the crusty snow wasn't to his liking.

While I was filling water troughs, Dawn came up to drink. Despite the lens flare, I like this shot of her face, particularly the back-lit hairs and muzzle:

Her muzzle gets very square when she drinks (and icky troughs need scrubbing):

She let some water dribble from her mouth:

A sassy, gleaming Dawn butt on the way back to the round bale:

Sugar came up to drink next - her coat is gleaming:

Some obligatory Sugar nose shots:

Please enjoy your March day!


  1. Those are the simple pleasures of horse ownership aren't they? Sweet moments of just the horses being a horse. I love the frosty coats when I go out in the morning. Especially on black Abby, but I never seem to be able to capture it very well.
    Thanks for sharing with us. :)

  2. Great pictures, Kate. The horses look healthy and happy. I've thought a lot about your biting post, too, since yesterday. I didn't have anything to add or say about it, but I've been contemplating all the ideas as I go about my barn business.

  3. Great photos - I'm sure they were happy to get a bit of a roll in without the darn blankets!

    It always makes me chuckle a bit when watching a horse roll - there are a few vulnerable seconds where it seems like they juuuusssttt might not get those heavy back-ends up off the ground.

  4. Nobel looks awesome! I hope my guy I am rehabbing gets to look half as good as him. I love rolling photos, they make great faces and always look so happy.

  5. They make it look like something we should all be doing!


    Maybe after I vacuum. :)

  6. Wonderful photos!! Love these Spring like days! :)

  7. They are pictures of health, all of them. Dawn is gleaming B-)

  8. I always love to see horses rolling, especially if they do both sides without getting up. We've got no blankets today and should hit 40 too.

  9. Lucky you! No one found any mud to roll in???? What gods are watching out for you?? *lol*

    Great sequence of shots. They tell the story well of some very happy horses.

  10. Looks like a lovely day , I just bought a mop (specifically for stock tanks ) use it before I empty it totally to scrub down the sides and loosen the goop. Way easier on my back!

  11. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures! They certainly were enjoying themselves! Such gorgeous animals!

  12. mmm a good roll! Nothing like it in my opinion.

  13. Aaaaah! That's better!

    Jean asked what gods are looking over you that there was no mud...She must have missed your temperature report: No mud in the mid-twenties! Maybe later yours can look as mucky as mine!

    Noble looks just great! (Dawn, too, but obviously it's a bigger statement at Noble's age).

  14. Lovely pics - glad to see all the horses looking so happy and healthy!

  15. I think it is too funny when they roll, and get up to do the other side! Good for tight places though!
    Nice pics!

  16. I love to watch horses roll. They always look so happy and carefree, and it makes me feel the same watching them.

  17. Those are some really great shots!!

  18. what awesome shots ....and I bet they just loved the feelin of being outside without rugs on enjoying the sunshine!!

  19. I think *my* back feels better after watching Dawn roll. She's an expert. I see we are expecting 40's and rain. That's certainly going to take care of the snow. My current dairy boots leak, so I'm going to be very sad if I don't get those Mudruckers ordered before the mud comes.

  20. I just love those last 3 pictures of Dawn rolling. She is a professional! Noble looks great & it makes my heart happy to see him looking so healthy & content.


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