Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Probably Could Have Ridden . . .

It was a warmish day - mid 40sF, but no sun and a chilly wind. We were supposed to get rain, but it never really materialized. We did get some light rain at bring-in time, but I probably could have gotten a ride in, although I didn't. I was working PM bring-in and feeding, so time was a bit short.

Over the weekend, Fred apparently had some trouble at the gate during bring-in. Scout has a bad habit of sneaking up behind other horses at the gate, and nipping them, and Fred is very afraid of this. He tends to want to get out of the pasture, and on Sunday the person bringing him and Fritz in was taking Fritz through the gate when Fred forced his way through and ran off down the aisle. Now Fred is very sweet, but he's big and excitable and also has a habit of really, really remembering something that happened that worried or excited him, even if things are now OK. (I would never, ever, say that any horse was stupid, but Fred's the closest thing . . .) So this evening as I was bringing in he was very agitated. I knew he was likely to bolt through the gate, so first I showed him that we could drive the other horses away from the gate together - he wasn't reassured. Then I had him go through the gate a number of times - there was much bolting and even some plunging and rearing (I stood clear and "fed" him through the gate - one of the reasons I love 10' cotton leads). He didn't really want to believe he was safe - perhaps he'd been banged by the gate over the weekend - I don't know. I wanted to do some more gate work with him in a safe (no other horses) location, but he was clearly fried - when Fritz, who was being led in next, spooked briefly at something, Fred did some more rearing and plunging on the lead, and I doubted, knowing Fred, if working with him today would do any good. I'll see if I can work with him some more tomorrow at bring-in when with some luck his brain will have returned - he doesn't have a problem when I turn him out in the morning.

On the way home, there was a glorious sunset - the rain's holding off for a bit:


  1. Beautiful sunset Kate. Fred... Gates are scary going to eat us up type of things don'tcha know that!

  2. Poor Fred, scary gates!
    Oh, Kate, so sorry you didn't ride; I had fun! :-) Rains are coming here too so I am glad I rode. May have to make that one last for a long time. Darn, I could do that for a week! LOL

  3. Poor Fred. Isn't horrible with they learn too quickly the wrong thing. I am sure with lots of calm work he will come back around.

    Beautiful pictures, spring is coming :)

  4. They are always learning, aren't they? Yikes. Stay safe!

  5. My donkey Sparky has major issues with gates and doors. I have no idea why, and it has nothing to do with other horses being present or not. You will be leading him and he'll be motoring along until you reach a gate. Then he stops and has to think about it a very long time before going through. Having a buddy to follow doesn't help. I guess it is just part of being Sparky.

    Your sunset pictures are glorious, even more beautiful than the sunrise pictures which were stunning.


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