Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March Portraits

It was a beautiful, frosty morning, with temperatures in the mid 20sF. We're supposed to get up to the low 30sF today, and it's feeling more like spring - the sun is very strong and the birds are starting to sing. I managed to get a few photos of the sunrise, which was spectacular. It's still pretty dark in this shot, with the eastern sky starting to color up:

A few minutes later:

It seemed like a good day to take some horse portraits - I wanted to get pictures of all 11 horses if I could - as you'll see, some came out better than others. Here's Joe (age 27):

Noble (29) - I love the muzzle and tongue working hard on eating hay:

Fritz (about 20):

Fritz and Fred (23) - they have the same owner and have been together at various barns for many years:

Scout (6 - he's our "baby"), looking skeptical:

Dawn (12) - she always stops chewing when I take her picture:

Sugar (15 or so), annoyed because I waved her off so I wouldn't get a nose shot:

Misty (late teens):

My Maisie (12):

Charisma (20) - it's hard to distract her from eating long enough to take a picture:

And, last but not least, little Blackjack (early 30s) sunning in his shed - the man in the blinding white mask:

I'm hoping to do more work with Maisie today - we'll see how that goes.


  1. Gorgeous pics of your babies. I love horses's ears don't you? They say so much.

  2. Great pics! nice to put faces to all the names. Enjoy your day

  3. Great pictures, Kate. Glad you are getting warmer weather. Ours may get a bit warmer toward the end of the week. Goodie!

  4. Wow--some oldies in the barn. I love to see that. Red's doing much better today, btw. He passed a pile of hard manure this morning. I'm hoping that was the obstruction. :) My vet should be by late morning to confirm. Maybe he'll live to be 40!

  5. What a treat to get to see them all! Thank you for taking the pics for us.

    I love how Dawn looks like she rubbed her nose in soot. Bays are my favorites.

    Noble's ears, omgosh!! What horse has ears like that?

    Fritz, I want to hug him. Is he huggable? Look how his coat gleams even in winter.

    Misty's got the best mane, but it's on the wrong side: ( Hey, did you know how many of your horses have their manes on the wrong side!? Statistical wonder!

    I love Maisie's face marking.

    Charisma has my favorite color - oh that my next horse has that color exactly!

    Thanks again so much for the photo shoot!


  6. Awwww! Lookit all the lovely fuzzy ponies! Those oldies all look fat and fabulous. They are lucky.

  7. Super pics again Kate, everyone looks very healthy indeed. Lovely kissable noses, every one of them!

  8. They are all beautiful!!!!!!!! I love them! I wish I could come and meet them all and give them big smooches!!!!!

  9. I a always amazed by anyone who manages that many head shots without nose shots! Well done by distracting them with the hay.

    A cute bunch by all accounts. Older horses teach us so much about life. Their peace and contentment should be a lesson for us all about how we should see the world.

  10. lytha - Fritz is indeed huggable - I expect his owner wouldn't mind if you came by and hugged him!

  11. Beautiful sunrise. All the horses look so happy and content. A good looking herd you've got there.

  12. A very handsome crew, they all have something that I love about them. I am partial to Maisie because she looks so much like my girl Bridget, and I do love little Blackjack.

  13. Kate, thanks for bringing me back to my safe place for a few minutes. - Amy

  14. The headshot of Maisie is beautiful. Well done.


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