Monday, March 8, 2010

Mud and Ice, But No Rain

Everything was icy this morning, but it's not supposed to get below freezing for the rest of the week, and there's rain in the forecast, so the snow and ice should be melting pretty quickly. No rain today, so all the horses got out without sheets or blankets, which both they and I appreciated. It's back into rain sheets for the rest of the week, I expect. The areas in the turnouts that aren't icy are goopy mud, or rather a nasty manure/mud mix. Maisie, of course, made me trudge out, across the ice and through the mud, to retrieve her from the round bale.

Maisie and I managed a brief trail ride this afternoon, but we didn't go far because the footing was dreadful - snow and water over icy patches. Maisie carefully minced her way along, and we made it back safely. I really wanted to get a ride in since the rain will stop our riding, and we managed it, which was good.

They're saying we may almost get to 50 by mid-week. My younger daughter will come home from college next weekend for spring vacation, and she's hoping to get a ride or two in on Dawn (in the arena, as Dawn hasn't been ridden since last fall), but we need to get some melting and drying before that'll be possible.


  1. Spring, the season of mud! Glad to hear you got out for a bit.

    Next year we need to all go to Arizona for a winter trail ride.

  2. Ah yes the beginning of mud season. We're still melting but there is a fair amount of mud already.

    Glad you got a short ride in anyway.

  3. Mud over Ice any day but let's hope the mud season is shorter lived then the snow season.

    Glad you got a ride in =)

  4. Glad to hear that someone is riding. We have had spectacular weather! Beautiful sunrises and a week of temperatures above 45 is on the way. I can't wait for all the snow to disappear.

  5. The weather has been glorious here lately. Today was 75 and sunny and a few horses had baths. I do love giving the first baths each spring, it so so satisfying to scrub away with the sponge!

  6. We've been having temps in the seventies (finally!!!) but it's been dry and pretty. Unfortunately the rains start tonight. Sigh. I guess we need a little bit so the ground doesn't dry up too much before we plant our garden (if we ever find the time). :) Glad it's getting warmer where you live.

  7. Wow--70's--you all must be down South! I think 50's is warm. Hope you get up to the 50's, Kate, and get some more riding in!

  8. I hear you on the mud! It's such a beautiful day here. Would be perfect for a ride except that after 2 days of rain, there's still lots of standing water. Jaz, in particular, is not very sure footed and gets pissy when his feet are wet. Silly pony.

  9. We had exactly the same kind of dreadful footing last week. This week, heaven!! (Until it starts to rain on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday....)

    Hopefully your footing will improve was quickly as mind did.


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