Thursday, March 18, 2010

Scout Stars and Mudballs

The mud is now outstanding (is that a word that applies to mud?), although it's been drying out a bit. We've got beautiful warm weather, with cold and snow predicted for the weekend. The sunrise this morning had a purplish tone to it:

Misty (on the left) and Maisie (on the right) were cleaning up the last of the hay in the round bale holder - we've got new bales coming this morning if our hay guy can get into the turnouts:

Scout was playing one of his favorite games - "harass Fred" - Scout is the "baby" of our barn and often gets up to mischief:

Even though Fritz was very muddy, his tail was really beautiful - I mainly took this picture because of Fritz's tail, but I also liked Noble's peeved expression:

Another shot of the marvelous mix of colors in Fritz's tail:

Some roofers were working on a nearby house - you could see them up on the roof from the turnouts and they were making a lot of noise. Scout thought this was pretty exciting and did some racing around - at one point I had to wave him off when he was about to run right over me:

Something caught Scout's attention in the other direction (that's Joe in the foreground):

Dawn was interested in the roofers, but not alarmed. The next three shots show her in her full muddy glory (with muddy Misty in the background) - my daughter was staying with a friend last night and didn't get to the barn to groom:

Have a wonderful March day, and may it include mud rather than snow!


  1. Outstanding is a great word for you mud cuz it looks like your horses have been "out standing" in the mud. Yep, it's a mess this time of year. Your weather is much like ours. It has been beautiful this week, but I've been stuck in a mind numbing training class until 6 or 7 at night and when we get released tomorrow, it will be snowing. Arrghhh. We have to be a little more patient.

  2. Funny! Now your horses really do look like mine--welcome to the Mud Club.

  3. Scout is a cutie, I have some muddy critters here too. Sadly we are getting snow , but its OK March won't have that much kick left soon

  4. Outstanding is a fine adjective, I'd call mine out-rolling. They were some mess last night, it took me at least an hour to knock the mud from their hairy not- shed -out -yet -coats.

    I did manage to get a few pictures but I don't know why I bother, I guess for proof of why I was covered head to toe in dusty dirt when I came in last night.

    Scout looks adorable and a little go getter. All your herd looks happy and content. Hope you don't get the snow.

  5. Looking a little more Spring-like for you, hope the mud dries soon!

  6. Oh mud season. Your kids look like they have so much personality. love it!

  7. I was wondering what Scout would think of the roofers. Hopefully they will be there all day, long enough to let him see it's no big deal.
    Thanks for posting the pix!

  8. Spring Mud... Your horses like my horses... mud balls. Rosie's feather ugh... I feel I'll never ever get it clean again.

    I actually look forward to it because it means that shortly there will be no more snow. Longer days/evenings at the barn working/playing with the horses...

    Next comes flies... and heat.

    .. at least it's not SNOW and Ice!

    Have a wonderful evening

  9. Your pictures are great! How nice to see the sunshine and I think your charges are happy with it too.

  10. Or is mud "under"standing??

    OK, I lucked out. My Boys did not look too bad. What is frustrating is how the dust clings to the not quite shed out winter hair. Even after you groom, they just don't look clean.


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