Sunday, March 7, 2010

We Rode Again

Maisie and I got another small ride in yesterday. The footing is still terrible, so we walked around a bit and down the trail a little ways. I was feeling somewhat out of sorts (not due to anything Maisie did - she was fine), so we called it a day. I was hoping to do some ground-driving with Dawn, but she's coming into heat - lots of head-flinging and "eeee!" in the stall, so her concentration isn't the best and I decided to postpone that to another day.

Absolutely beautiful sunrise this morning, although still frosty:

We're supposed to have some showers moving in this afternoon, so it probably isn't going to be a riding day.


  1. I hope I get in some riding today! The sunrise is gorgeous....please don't send us your showers.

  2. I bet that was a beautiful ride--love the colors in the sunrise--it reminds me of a fire opal. I guess it's that time of year for the mares--I was suspecting beautiful yesterday. BTW, thanks for the info on what you feed your seniors. I'm going to spend the next couple of weeks analyzing what I'm feeding versus what their needs are. You're like a treasure trove of knowledge. :) Happy Trails!

  3. Kate, lucky gal! I read your last post about riding and am itching to get back in the saddle, it's been more then 3 months since I rode. The snow is melting pretty fast so I am hoping that maybe tomorrow after Gilly's hoof trim that I might go for a short ride!
    I hope more snow melts today so I have a place to do a little ground work before or I won't get on.
    Years ago it would have been no problem to just hope on, bareback and GO! But now, too old, balance isn't what it used to be and I still have some fear issues from being throw off and fallen on. I still climb back on but am a better leader on the ground than on his back. I am working on that.
    Hope you get to ride more before the rains come. It will be here next week too I am sure! ugh!

  4. Beautiful day, and well done for getting in the saddle even if you didn't feel like it.

  5. I had a brief ride today too and my horse did not snort once. It's like a miracle.

    I love the photos of the sky...

  6. Yea for riding! :)
    Isn't the old saying, "Red sky at Dawn, sailors take warn."
    So maybe the rain will come..stay dry!

  7. Beautiful sky.

    I'm already spoiled by some beautiful footing here today, but there is a promise of lots of rain at then end of the week, so I'm getting ready to suffer along with you...again.

    Still, even a few minutes in the saddle can be so refreshing!

  8. Wow, the sunrise pictures are particularly beautiful, thanks for posting them.

    All of my horses have been ridden the last three days in a row. I've been riding sporadically but not steadily so I am sure they are wondering what the heck happened!

  9. Ooou la la! Nice sunrise indeed!
    Glad you got to ride again! Goes ever so Slowly this time of year.
    They are forecasting a little snow for our parts(near the barn). Got a nice ride with my PBO today...maybe Wa will have the day off tomorrow!

  10. I rode in the rain today, mostly just spitting rain, but at least it wasn't cold. It was awesome to be riding such a good horse. Yay!

    The sunrise was gorgeous at your place. wow!


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  11. Beautiful photos! Rained here all yesterday and is supposed to rain all day today, just in time for the family's visit. They'll be greeted by 2 mudballs in the pasture.

    Even if it stopped raining today, it's so waterlogged, it will be a week or more until it dries enough to get solid footing.


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