Monday, April 19, 2010

Geldings Gone Wild

We have a fairly geriatric group of geldings - Noble will be 30 in a few weeks, Joe is almost 28, Fred is in his mid-20s. Fritz is in his late teens, but has some soundness issues. Scout's the baby - he just turned 7. It was a frosty morning (grazing still will be restricted this afternoon), and the old guys decided to show Scout that they could still strut their stuff.

Noble got things started:

Scout joined in:

Fred didn't want to be left out:

Noble leads Fritz on a lap:

Joe leads the pack:

Scout, with Noble following and Joe taking a breather at the top of the hill:

I love this shot of Joe - it really captures his personality:

Scout rounds the turn:

Dance moves were popular:

Fritz lays it out:


The mares asked what all the commotion was about - although Dawn had done her best racehorse-out-of-the-starting-gate imitation when I let her go this morning.



And Maisie:


  1. Oooh Scout. . . I am sucker for a buckskin!

    You always get such good shots of them frolicking! :)

  2. Gorgeous photos odf all, I love the old gentlemen on the run

  3. I LOVE these photos. I love seeing old guys enjoying their retirement. What happy horses! The definitely still have it. Oh and Scout is lovely!

  4. I don't think they know they're old! :)

  5. What a great series of shots! Those close ups are amazing. To me, that is a clear sign that your horses are happy!

  6. This is totally wonderful. GO NOBLE! Not so much of a curmudgeon at all!!!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE this photo essay!!! I can just feel the fun they were having. Thanks for capturing and sharing!

  8. Really great to see them all moving!

  9. YeeeHaaa! Looks like they were all having a blast and shaking the cobwebs out after the winter. Great action shots.

  10. woohoo!! Happy, happy horses at play :) Great pictures!

  11. Lovely to see everyone looking so well, those boys can really lift their feet! Scout is a handsome dude :D

  12. Nothing like happy ponies frolicking. I LOVE Scout.

  13. They were having so much fun! I would have loved to hear them running, one of my favorite sounds is when their hooves hit the ground...a thunderous applause!

  14. you take the best pictures! I LOVE these!

  15. Too wonderful, all the equine frolicking and dancing the time I got to the bottom to see the Mares...and they were all business with eating..I cracked up!

    You really captured the essence of them all ...great shots!
    Thanks for that... just spent 10 minutes crying getting through the comments about my kitten...thanks for your consoling words. ( and now the giggle..laughter is medicine)

  16. Wow, I love this! Noble is looking absolutely splendid & frisky! They all look great, but I especially love the pictures of Scout. As an English rider who grew up around bays, blacks, grays & chestnuts, I LOVE seeing "fun-colored" horses! He is beautiful.

  17. I love watching horses at play. Thanks so much for the pictures. They made me smile....a lot!! *G*

  18. Wow, they look like they're having a great time. Not bad for a bunch of "old" guys! LOL

  19. LOVE seeing the old boys having such a good life!
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  20. Oh so great for those sweet old men to be running around like young ones! :) They look very happy and wow..Noble will be 30! That is incredible.


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