Monday, April 12, 2010

Grazing Beauties

It was another beautiful sunrise - molten colors on the horizon with a layer of clouds overhead:

As things lightened up, the clouds looked very textured:

Each herd is going out for 1 1/2 hours today. The mares wanted to graze, but Dawn left the gate at speed and spent some time cantering around the pasture:

Here is one half of the characteristic Dawn head fling from side to side:

More cantering:

Finally, she settled down to graze with the others:

Sugar was very busy with grass:

Maisie was more interested in what I was up to:

Misty was on the move:

Little Blackjack let me take a few pictures:

At one point, Blackjack fell asleep while standing with his head down and nose resting on the ground - I was a bit worried about him but after a bit he came around and resumed his normal nibbling.

Looks like it's going to be a nice day, and even better, the fence contractor has started work!


  1. What a lovely visit! /and a beautiful day. Dawn certainly seemed to make full use of her turn-out time. /and Blackjack looks like a sweetie-pie--Is that just old age creeping over his face, or old scarring, os just a dark winter coat giving way to a gray summer skin?
    I hope to get my herd out this afternoon for a bit...

  2. It looks like fun - and glad to hear about the fence repairs. Do you have any fence testers?

    People often say you shouldn't turn out horses with halters on. But I notice yours do have halter on. What is a good rule thumb.

  3. Those two close ups of Maisie are gorgeous! Your grass is much taller than ours. Our pasture is more like a mown lawn...and the horses are busy all day.

  4. The whole herd looks like they are enjoying their time on grass. It's so nice the weather has finally changed.

  5. Beautiful pictures. The horses look great for just getting through winter!

  6. EvenSong - Blackjack is very old - mid-30s and is getting whiter every year.

    Breathe - we almost always turn out without halters (except Blackjack who can be hard to catch due to his failing eyesight) - it's safer. We were on short turnout today, and I was at the barn, so halters were left on for convenience. That said, all our halters (except rope halters that are always removed) are breakaways.

  7. They look great ! and what a cutie Black Jack is!

  8. I'm glad you're finally having enough warm, dry weather for grazing and turnout.

  9. As for Blackjack and his nap--just remember a power nap is good for the soul. *G* I love watching the horses just being horses. The sight never seems to lose its fascination for me.

  10. Joyful fun photos! Dawn especially was loving her romp! Maisie sure has a face like Pie in the first photo of her alone. (I love Pie's face!)
    Poor old Blackjack. Glad he came around and woke up. Still enjoying his grass.

  11. That last picture of Blackjack is too cute, what an adorable guy he is!

  12. Your horses are so beautiful, I would love to raise horses someday!

  13. They all look so good and sleek! Look at all that grass! We NEVER have such green grass out here in the southwest. Those clouds look so ominous; is there a storm coming in?

  14. Fantastyk Voyager - we actually get a lot more grass by the summer - this is the first sprouting.

    The clouds are to the east, and most of our weather comes from the west - those are just low-lying regular clouds - some time I'll try to get some pictures of some of our real storm clouds - they can be pretty impressive!

  15. How lovely to see your horses enjoying paddock time. I bet they just love being out with grass to nibble and the sun on their backs.I love the colour of the houses in the background too

  16. Love the photos and always enjoy your blog.
    I have passed the Happy 101 Award to you. Please visit my blog when you can to check out the rules.


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