Thursday, April 29, 2010

Maisie and Bob

Here are two lovely pictures of Maisie and Bob the barn cat from yesterday, taken by our wonderful P.M. barn lady with her cell phone - Maisie is so gentle with Bob, and he lets her snuff-a-whuff him all over since he knows she won't hurt him:

Today Maisie will stay in, with morning and evening bute and several hand walks. This morning I walked her on the grass around the outside of the arena, and then in the arena itself for a bit - she was pretty comfortable in the sandy arena footing. She isn't as uncomfortable as she was this time last year, but she's pretty sore. I think her grazing days may be pretty much over, and due to the length/lushness of our pastures, a grazing muzzle wouldn't really work - in my experience those seem to work best when the grass is short and more lawn-like. I'll bring Dawn back in from the pasture at noontime so she can graze outside Maisie's window in the small paddock - at least Maisie will be able to see her.


  1. It's almost as if Maisie is telling Bob her ouchie woes. "How come the humans can't just take of this so I can get back out with the others?" Perhaps Bob will be a psychologist, or a bartender, in his next life.

  2. I have envisioned a paddock paradise type path around the perimeter of the fields here so that if we ever get to the point where any of our horses can't graze we could put hay nets, with soaked hay if necessary, around the path and then that horse could still "be with" the others by tracking around the field with them.

    I guess it depends how big the fields are, but it would always be possible to rotate the rest of the herd through the track a few hours each during the day for company if fields were huge and would also make it possible for the no-grazing horses to have a normal life, turn-out wise.

    Sending good thoughts Maisie's way.

  3. She is the cutest mare!
    Sorry she has to be dry PBO's Moragan's must as well...they hate it...we do 5-10 minute hand grazing stints- should see them go at a lawn blade goes unbitten.

    Wish you had the Thermography camera available that I just posted about. It is amazing for showing exactly where trauma is. The camera is affordable most vets will eventually get them and take the course I imagine.

    I hope Maisie perks up soon. Like Even song said...would be nice to have a large, either pea gravel paddock or a track around the normal fenceline...with soaked hay bag intermittently for them to walk around and graze too!

  4. That is SO cute. They look like quite the pair together! You could do a children's book about them. :o)

    Poor Maisie. I hope she starts feeling better soon!

  5. Oh Maisie, Masie!
    Love the gentle pictures.
    I don't understand those grazing muzzles. I mean, I know they must work, but I wonder if the horse is just silently getting frustrated in the muzzle! That's probably prjection! I sure wouldn't want to wear one!

  6. maisie is really gorgeous! and that cat is too: )

    horses and cats go together so well. i can't wait for baasha to see "his" cat lander, our new boy cat whom i will not let out for another 5 weeks at least. (how long does acclimation take?)


  7. I don't know why blogger eats my posts sometimes, the comment I left on the last post isn't showing. Anyway, I hope you can get it all sorted out with Maisie soon. Depending on a number of things a grazing muzzle might actually work. Sometimes they just need to have their grazing slowed down and moderated, not completely ended.

    Sometimes it seems with horses if we didn't have something to be worrying about we wouldn't have anything to do at all.

  8. Oh, poor Maisie! I am so thankful that my two have had no problems like that. Gilly has had two colic episodes and that's enough trauma for me!!
    Hope Maisie gets better and can eat grass's so sad when things like that go wrong with a horse and they can't eat grass.
    Sending good thoughts your way for a quick recovery! :-D

  9. Nothing like a good cat whuffing to take away the grazing blues...

  10. Poor Maisie! I love the photos though how sweet is that!

  11. Awwww! Such dear sweet photos. Such a gentle spirit, soft eyes, kindness, beauty!



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