Friday, April 2, 2010

Too Windy

I didn't ride today, although temperatures were in the upper 70sF. Winds were gusting to over 30mph, and it's been dry, so there was a lot of airborne dust and dirt. I just don't like the wind, and particularly don't enjoy riding in it. So I groomed instead - the horses were fine with that. Dawn is showing none of the irritability and soreness when grooming that she was showing before the visit from the chiropractor, which is very good news.

We interviewed a fence contractor yesterday - we've got massive amounts of fences and posts to replace. He seems experienced and knowledgeable, and focussed on safety, including how to safely hang gates, which is one of my pet peeves and something that is currently not right at our barn. We've got a couple of priority repairs before the horses can go out to the far pastures, and with luck and some cooperation from the weather, he can give us one preliminary day of work next week - he uses a three-man crew and some equipment to speed the process - I'm hoping he can get the priority bits cleared away then so we can start grazing.


  1. Love the new picture!!!! :o)

  2. Kate, sorry you couldn't ride, but I don't like windy rides either. Gilly is very spooky when it's like that and I would just as soon stay off him then.
    I got some hair off Gil with the shedding blade this morning, he loved it...."scratch more of my itchy spots, PLEASE!!!" he seemed to say. Pokey had to but in too, he wanted his back scratched.
    Since I don't feel like riding right now I get them out one at a time to eat grass on the yard. You never heard so much munching and sighing at one time! LOL They were extremely happy (until they had to go back in the field!)

  3. It was horribly windy today! I don't blame you for not riding. I didn't work the horses either, I couldn't see because the wind kept blowing my hair in my eyes!

  4. It was a gorgeous 80 degrees with a light breeze today. Perfect! Although the temps are supposed to fall back into 70's and 60's next week. I'll take that as well!

    I'm not overly fond of windy rides either. I don't know of an experienced horse person that is!

  5. I'll never forget going to a novice horse camp with my girl and a horrible wind whipped up. The girls ended up not being able to ride and they couldn't believe they couldn't go. The camp leader wouldn't tell them why - just said the horses didn't do well with the dust. My daughter and I cracked up... Thanks for the chiro listing!!

  6. Windy days..I stick to the arena. Cool you are seeing results from the chiropractor. I had bodywork done on Maddy...didn't think she would like it...she was a drooling mess halfway through the session with fluttering eyes...she was so relaxed and into it. Couldn't believe it.

  7. Oh, I hear you about the wind! I can deal with a little bit of wind -- there was a stiff breeze all week, and Panama did great even on the trail. Even if he didn't run away, though, my nose sure did...

    Today was the windiest yet, so I opted to ride in the indoor. That used to be just as scary for him, if not more, because of the sound of the wind and dirt hitting the side of the arena. It doesn't bother him anymore, though, luckily, so we had a really great ride. I'll blog about it tomorrow... We cantered lots!!!

  8. Oh how I wish I could hire someone to fix our fence!! With the crazy snowfall amounts we had, we have several fence sections that need taken down and re-stretched. It is just enough work to be daunting, but not really enough to justify paying someone else to do the work. :(


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