Thursday, May 27, 2010

Horse Bends Steel (and Splits Teeth) With Bare Hooves!

I was reminded of how powerful our horses are by looking at Dawn's twisted steel shoe:

Even though all the clinches are still in place, she amazingly only removed one piece of hoof wall.

I was reminded of the same thing when looking at the x-ray of my tooth (the one on the left):

As the endodontist said, "you don't need me to see that" - it's split from top to bottom down the middle, in fact all the way into the root. No wonder it hurts - it's surprising it didn't hurt sooner. It can't be saved even with a root canal, so it has to go. I'm lucky it wasn't my jaw that looked like that, and just a tooth. Another dental appointment awaits to remove it.

Our horses are mysterious and powerful creatures with their own special powers and capabilities, different from but not inferior to those of people - and not just in bending steel or splitting teeth! I spend so much time with them it's sometimes easy to forget how amazing they are, how careful we should be in working with them considering their power, and how honored we should be that they allow us to work with them and do things together with them in partnership.


  1. I think that ometimes we take advantage of horses. They're so good, and we get comfortable. Then they pull back and break a fence post or rip a shoe out of their foot and we suddenly get a wake up call...Funny how those things work. Sometimes I stand dumb struck with their power...Great post and great thoghts!

  2. Oh and by the way, i love that picture of Maisie. Is that a cat in your lap?

  3. Mare Coleman - yes, that's one of our barn cats, Bob. Maisie loves cats and gently snuff-a-whuffs any cat - she's very gentle with them.

  4. Wise reminder ,and Dang! I bet that tooth hurts!

  5. OUCH! Are you going to get a bridge then? :(

    The BOs 8 year old daughter got kicked in the mouth because she went up to pet a rolling pony (the daughter KNEW better but she's 8). She's lucky she only got a split lip and minor tooth damage. I told the mom that when my daughter was 8 (she is now 12), she knew the safety policies but yet ignored them.

    We can never be too careful! No matter our age, or the horses.

  6. Thats some crack! I`ll bet thats uncomfortable! Now! Re that shoe? 4+4 nailing! Interesting, most farriers here do not do that pattern, more like 3+3, or 4 on the inside 3 on the outside. I know this sounds analy retentive! But any particular reason? Just interested. Also, I didnt see any toe clips on the shoe, or am I mistaken? The general rule here is one, but I ride with shoes that have two on front and back. Mainly `cos of the rough ground we tend to cover.

    Sorry to ramble, hope the tooth extraction isnt too traumatic!!

  7. Oh, wow. You poor thing!! I went back and read that post and you're absolutely right--we do know better and when we ignore that because we get in a hurry or think "it will be ok just this one time," that's when we get ourselves into trouble. I'm glad you weren't hurt worse, but...ouch!!!

  8. You are so right on, as usual, about horses strength. I was working with Abby today and just marveled at how large but gentle she was. She literally was following me around.

    Yet just yesterday while she was being trailer she broke her snap on the lead. Not sure why but she obviously didn't like the way she was tied.


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