Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Maisie Is Mad . . . But We Trotted

I got a text message from my daughter this morning: "Maisie was wild". Today my daughter took her to the outdoor arena and they trotted out there for the first time (I'd worked her out there at the walk before.) Maisie did not want to trot at a normal pace - she was excited and wanted to race. They eventually worked through it, but Maisie had worked very hard by the time it was done.

When I got to the barn, Maisie was still damp from her rinse-off - even her face had gotten sweaty. When I brought her out and started to tack her up, she started giving me the evil eye. She was positively glaring - she was really mad. Now normally Maisie is very sweet and kind, so this wasn't the usual Maisie. I expect she was tired and perhaps a bit sore. She even fell asleep briefly as we were getting ready.

My objective today was to reinforce the work we'd done yesterday at the walk - we did that - and then to trot for a bit in the indoor - she'd already been going well in there with my daughter on previous days. My back's doing pretty well, so I was up for it. We did trot, and Maisie was good for me - we did a nice steady trot for a bit, making some circles and large figures. I wasn't worried at this point about softness at the trot - she was doing some bracing and rooting from time to time - but just about the rhythm and pace. We'll work on softness later; one thing at a time. We didn't trot for long, both for her sake (although she was sound) and for the sake of my back.

I also took her back out to the outdoor for a walk around. We stood for a while in the shade (it was quite hot), and she gave me a couple of glares out of the corners of her eyes. When I got off, she was still mad until I put her away.

We'll see how she is tomorrow - but if looks could kill I'd be dead by now!


  1. I think I know that look well... I get it everytime I walk in the pasture to capture someone... anyone.

    Glad your back is healing.

  2. They do have ways of showing thier feelings , even if it is just a look

  3. Glad to hear your back is feeling better. I know the 'if looks could kill,you'd be dead right now'glare, I get it all the time from Dusty. Not really ever from the boys though, they just go with the flow and sigh a lot. Horses can be very expressive can't they?

  4. I'm reading up on some of your latest posts trying to find answers to my own herd management issues. I'm wondering if I should separate mares and geldings to cut down on some of the chaos around here. My mares have been a bit crazy lately.

  5. I'm so glad you're finally able to ride and I'm sure you two will work out your issues. ;-)

    I look forward to catching up.

  6. She was mad! I know that mad all too well...very obvious , mares make that look!
    I know you are going the other direction with your training than what I am about to say...but Wa mare would be like that if I rode too often. Since I have been able to ride other horses and give her plenty of time off, I have not had that mad mare.
    I bet Maisie is learning so much= it must hurt her brain a bit too, as well as sore muscles.
    Really glad you back is doing better Kate~

  7. Poor Maisie sounds like it just wasn't her day.

  8. It made me chuckle to think of Maisie giving you the evil eye. I get that look quite a lot from Mosco when he suspects I'm going to make him put forth any sort of effort. I think I found the world's only TB who is lacking that workaholic quality! :-) Sounds like you're doing good things with Maisie. I liked in your last post the bit about ground tying. People at my barn are often surprised at how well Mosco does at that because they're so used to just tying their horse. He's pretty claustrophobic so I don't cross tie him. I know if I were a horse I would absolutely panic to have my head so restricted, not to mention in the summer with flies, I like for him to be able to nip at them if he needs to. I think it's just common courtesy to let him do (within reason, of course) what he needs to do to be comfortable

  9. Hear to you and trotting! Back is. . . a pain! I am glad yours is healing so well.


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