Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday Grazing

I remembered to take my camera to the (old) barn this morning. The horses were close to the barn, as our pastures are (finally!) getting mowed. The mares were grouped together - it still strikes me as odd not to see Maisie with the others:

The three geldings who were out (Scout and Joe's owner hadn't come to the barn yet) were also grazing together - I like how all the tails are flicking in unison:

A killdeer is nesting in the gelding's pasture - she (or he) was irate when I took a picture and stood up off the nest - if you look closely just behind the legs you might see the speckled eggs:

The geldings all stepped to the left (Noble wears a SuperMask II, which I find to be OK but not excellent - the fit is so-so and not very close and the mesh is very coarse which could make it hard to see through).

Fred wanted a closer look at what I was doing - he seems to have made a full recovery from his episode of choke:

Fritz was friendly:

So, nose shot!

Misty is, shall we say, a bit rotund - she's Impressive-bred and a HYPP carrier, so that accounts for some of the bulk, but the richness of our grass is a contributor, too. I worry about her weight, as she also has the tiny little feet that some halter-bred QHs unfortunately have.

Dawn is modeling her Crusader fly mask - I've been very satisfied with this mask - it fits well with good eye clearance, and the ears, forelock hole and long nose are all great features - Dawn has always tended to get flies and gnats in her ears and up her nose and the mask helps with that.

I'm hoping to get in a ride on Maisie (still only walking for me, alas) later this morning. Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. I have not tried fly masks. Maybe I'm afraid it would be a waste of money. I can't imagine mine would keep them on. Of course, I once thought that about blankets, but they both like being snug.

  2. Great pictures of a peaceful Sunday. Have a nice ride.

  3. They look lovely and healthy . I see your worries about Misty ,she is a stout girl

  4. Leah, I'm with you, I haven't tried a fly mask on Panama, either! I think he'd probably lose his marbles the first time I went to put it on, before he figured out he could see through it. But I'm also worried that I wouldn't be able to get out there twice a day every day to put it on and take it off, and I've heard they make it difficult for the horses to see at night.

  5. Leah Fry - I've had horses that repeatedly lose masks - and some of our pastures are big! And some horses just don't like them. Our Norman the pony was a devil about it - there was no way he'd keep a mask (or a halter) on in turnout.

    Katharine - Masks probably should come off at least once a day - some brands, I've found, do cause rubs.

  6. Flies haven't become a problem here yet. It usually starts at the end of June. I have Defender Fly masks and have been happy with them so far. Since Apache is new around here, it will interesting to see how she accepts a fly mask. Her last two homes were so neglectful, I doubt she's worn a fly mask for a few years or at all.

    The horses look so content in all that grass. Our grass has slowed down growing and probably won't grow much anymore until the monsoons in August. We don't get grass that tall or lush here anyway. I suppose in some ways that's good, but that also means grazing animals have to be supplemented all year with hay.


  7. There is something peaceful in watching horses graze on sweet lush grass. At least I think so.

    So far I haven't needed to break out the fly masks. I do have swat for Bonnie's ears. They seem to be a target for gnats, but beyond that things are still pretty flyless.

  8. How lovely to see your horses all out grazing in the sunshine. You must be enjoying the warmer weather. We are heading into winter with torrential rain dreaming of spring already!!!

  9. I had a bad experience with fly mask years ago and swore I'd never use one again - it was simply adjusted too tight and in a few days, his jaws were torn up from it (from chewing). Eating must have been horrible for him those days.

    But now we're here and we have eye issues so I'm not taking chances, even though his eyes look good, he gets a mask when it's warm out. But having him here means I can take it off every evening.

    I swear he seems to like it, he lowers his head and he almost helps me put it on.

    I used to have the theory that flies don't hurt a healthy horse's eyes (do they really?), and I hate the way horses look with masks on. But oh well..

    p.s. Baasha wears a Shetland size mask, isn't that funny? They don't have many (any?) Arab sized things here.

  10. Heeeey, nice mask! ;) Does Dawn have a naturally short forelock, or do you pull/trim it to keep it in line with her mane?

    All that green looks amazingly pretty. But it's amazingly hot and humid there... I'll take my perpetual chance of snow.

  11. Funder - Dawn has a pretty skimpy mane and tail, so her forelock is runty too! Maisie's the one with the huge, thick tail, mane and forelock.


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