Friday, June 11, 2010

10 Minutes of Trotting!

Yesterday, Maisie and I trotted for 5 minutes, after a nice 15-minute warmup at the walk. We are only doing straight lines and large circles, and I'm not asking her to really use herself - I'm trying to have minimal contact and have her do a nice free, long, not too fast trot. Today we did 10 minutes of trotting in two 5-minute sets. She was a bit more revved up by the second set - this is typical for her - she's one of those horses who works themselves up rather than down - but she still managed not to rush and listened to some gentle half halts.

I'm very pleased - she's staying sound, the leg looks good and we're making progress towards fitness. Tomorrow I won't be able to ride, but we'll pick up where we left off on Sunday.


  1. Glad Maisie is doing well and your lesson went well.
    Rain in our area over the weekend so maybe Monday I can ride some!
    Have a good weekend!!!

  2. Lots of trotting will get Maisie nice and fit and that should help her overall soundness. Glad to know you were able to keep her pretty well settled as you went along.

  3. Wonderful news! Have a good ride on Sunday.


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