Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dawn's Birthday!

Happy birthday to Dawn - she's 13 today! Of all our horses, we know the birthdays of only two - Dawn and Noble, and then only because we have their registration papers. I expect my younger daughter will give her some extra carrots today. They've been out riding on the trails almost every day, and Dawn seems to be enjoying it.

Dawn is our wild child, our herd alpha since Lily went to Tennessee, and one of the most intelligent horses I've ever met. She's curious/spooky, dominant/sweet - an intriguing mix. She's also amazingly athletic, and enjoys moving and using her body. She's a worrier sometimes, and can be very marish (we've made some progress on that with the Mare Magic). She's been with us since late 2001, when she was a gangly 4 year old off the race track. She was still growing, was only about 14.3 hands, was gangly and awkward, and had to wear front bell boots 24/7 because otherwise she would step on her front feet - her butt was at least an inch taller than her withers - how she raced (she also was at a big disadvantage with a June birthday) I'll never know. She finally matured to about 15.2.

She's all bay - no white hairs anywhere - her various scars are her distinguishing marks (and she's got lots of them from various episodes of getting into trouble). She loves exploring equipment (trucks, tractors, etc.) and human tools - if you're working on something she always "helps". She has the widest ranges of vocalizations and sounds of any horse I've ever met - I did a post on it once.

Her pedigree goes back on the top line directly to Man o'War through War Relic (twice), with Nasrullah on both top and bottom and some line breeding to Native Dancer on the bottom. She even has Dark Star in there. You can see her fire and try in her pedigree.

Her build is very square and sturdy, and she has exceptionally fine feet and legs and has always been very sound. I have lots of pictures of her - here are a few fun ones. Here she is with our chiropractor:

Very alert:

From a work session I did with her last fall (see my post "The Horse Is Thinking About Leaving . . . on the sidebar for more about Dawn):

Her fiery eye:

Showing what she's capable of (!)(excuse poor picture quality):

Passing in front of Misty:


A good roll:

Waking up and checking things out:

Doing the "shoulder rest" (cell phone picture):

Keeping the "bugs-up-the-nose" at bay!


  1. Happy Birthday Dawn! She has a very intelligent eye, doesn't she. What a looker! Gosh, she must have been so tiny at the racetrack!

  2. Happy Birthday to Dawn! She really is beautiful. I love her shoulder rest hugs especially. I am so glad she and your daughter are having such good rides each day. She sure has a late birthday for a TB. Many hugs and carrots to Dawn today!

  3. She's a beautiful girl with lots of style and class. Happy Birthday Dawn!
    Enjoy your extra treats today.

  4. Happy Birthday!!!!!

    13!! Wish I was nearly that age? Still, better not, too much trouble.

  5. Happy Birthday Dawn!!! and many, many more too.
    Love the pictures, my favorite is the shoulder rest...awwww!!!

  6. Birthday Greetings Dawn! You are a very beautiful girl.

    I agree with Jane, the shoulder rest is the sweetest picture!

  7. Happy Birthday Dawn! She is just gorgeous! What a nice post and I loved the pictures.

  8. Happy Birthday Dawn! She is quite a personality and a brown beauty :)

  9. Best wishes, Dawn! She's beautiful, Kate. So expressive.

  10. Happy Birthday Dawn! I really like the picture above the shoulder rest picture - where she is napping in the hay and looking behind her. All of her pictures are great though!

  11. Happy birthday teenager Dawn!

  12. Happy Birthday, Dawn! I love TB's and some of her breeding matches some wonderful horses I have owned. Good bloodlines for personality, I think. *G*

  13. Happy Birthday, Dawn!

    She and my two share some bloodlines--Lena actually has Man O'War on her dams side, too--hence the too-tall-to-cut cows part!

    Congratulations! I love reading about Dawn and your solutions to some of her particular quirks!

  14. Happy Birthday Dawn, the magic mare!! I love the way she looks. She is the most beautiful color. If I didn't have a Paint, I would want a bay so bad. And Man O War, WOW!!!! I also love her little forelock.

  15. Happy (belated) birthday, Dawn!

    Sounds as if you've got quite a history together.

    Kerrin Koetsier
    Parelli Central


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