Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Early Summer Walk

This morning I took a walk, and enjoyed the many early summer prairie plants that were in bloom. Many others are still growing and won't bloom until later in the summer - I think of August as the high point of the prairie flowers. I took many photos, and here are a few of the prairie flowers, with some invasives thrown in for good measure.

The Common Milkweed is just starting to open:

Bindweed is a real nuisance (particularly when it gets into your garden), but has pretty flowers - it's related to Morning Glories:

Pasture Rose is pretty and not invasive (unlike its pernicious relative Multiflora Rose):

Bladder Campion is a non-native but not invasive and very charming, I think:

This large thistle had some open flowers and some that were still not open. These thistles, and some of the other non-native thistles like Bull Thistle, Nodding Thistle and Canada Thistle, are major invasives but they do have lovely flowers that attract many insects, including the small fly just visible in the first photo:

The False Sunflowers (false because they aren't related to the true sunflowers) are very cheerful:

The Purple Coneflowers are just getting started - that's a Prairie Dock leaf on the right - these late-summer plants are just getting started on their way to their full 10-foot height:

A Purple Nightshade - often found in shady, damp areas - I don't mind it in the prairie but it's dangerous in the pastures:

St. John's Wort is starting to flower:

Crown Vetch is a major invasive that spreads like wildfire. It's a member of the pea family, like its invasive cousins Bird's-foot Trefoil and Yellow and White Sweet Clover.

Here is a damselfly (badly out of focus - wrong lens) perched for a moment on a Cup Plant (these too often grow to 8-10 feet) - I believe it's a male Eastern Forktail:

Two colors of Butterfly Weed:

This, I think, is a Cinquefoil:

White Wild Indigo is also a member of the pea family, but it's a prairie native - large plants with many flower spikes:

One of my favorite early summer flowers is Spiderwort:

There are many other flowers blooming, but these are the ones whose pictures came out!


  1. Thank you for sharing. You live in a gorgeous "neighbourhood". :-)

  2. Beautiful pictures:D I think we have some of the milkweed growing by one of our pastures. It smells very good, if that's truly it!

  3. You have a lot of blooming going on over there! Beautiful shots.

  4. Lovely to see. We have some of the same over in Ireland.

  5. What a lovely walk. The flowers are beautiful. I love wildflowers and you have some gorgeous ones where you live. Enjoy the blooms.

  6. Beautiful shots and great info! Thanks so much for a refresher in wildflowers/ weeds/ :)

  7. I love your flowers and photos - I am amazed how many we share with you, but each look a tiny bit different from ours.

  8. A pleasure going on the walk with you. I grew up with some of these flowers and it was nice seeing them again. Here in the desert, the season for wild flowers is over.

  9. Stunning photography! You make simple weeds and wildflowers look so beautiful!
    The thistle is my favorite photo. Funny how horses seem to like eating them. They look dangerous with all their spikes!



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