Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Maisie Improves and Garlic Scapes

Maisie's been improving every day. A little less swelling and a little more free-moving. Today when I brought her in from turnout (please excuse the muddy feet), there was some filling on the outside of her left hind from the pastern joint partway up her leg, and even a bit in the pastern itself:

The left hind from behind - the bulge is now on the left of the picture:

I've been riding her at the walk since she tweaked herself, and have been putting on her hind SMB II (Sports Medicine) boots to provide support and also some compression. I haven't been giving her Bute since the first couple of days, nor wrapping her at night - she's been walking sound and I want to see what the leg does overnight as well as wanting her to be a little sore (if she is) so she doesn't want to do too much.

Since she's been walking well, I had my daughter trot her in the barn aisle so I could see her move - today, for the first time, she looked completely sound at the trot. So today we did about 20 minutes of walk work and then we trotted in both directions for a few minutes. I could feel just a very slight unevenness as we started, but she quickly worked out of it and the last bit of trotting was sound. The test will be how she comes back tomorrow.

After riding today, the swelling was reduced. Here's the left hind from the side:

The front:

And the back:

The swelling is pretty much gone. Whatever she did, it was pretty minor and I expect she'll come right along as long as I don't push her too hard.

* * * * * *
This morning I harvested some garlic scapes from my garden - I see potato salad, stir fry and/or salsa in my future:


  1. Glad Maisie is coming along.Are garlic snapes like chives, or scallions ?

  2. Interesting how the riding eased the swelling. I wouldn't have guessed that. Is it just getting the blood flowing?

    Mmmm stir fry...

  3. Kate...funny that you should be writing about scapes. We have 3500 garlic plants and have been harvesting ours... Took some out to a local restaurant last week. Would love to know how you are using them.

    Glad Maisie is improving.

  4. fernvalley - the scapes taste more like mild garlic and just make little tubes a little like scallion greens. A little tougher/crunchier though.

    Lori - I use them in place of chopped garlic in a stir fry, or chopped in a salsa or in egg or potato or egg/potato salad with a vinaigrette dressing - the garlicy flavor is great with potatoes. I also fry them up with potato cubes.

    Breathe - horses don't have very good circulation in their lower legs at the best of times. Gentle exercise does help with that, and also the compression effect of the boots. A more severe injury wouldn't have improved like that, though, and might have gotten worse.

  5. I'm happy to see Maisie is coming along. I don't think it will be long before she's completely healed.

  6. Kate, the garlic scapes sound yummy! Can I come to your house for supper? :-D

    Glad to hear that Maisie is getting better. She has such beautiful legs by the way!

  7. If Maisie banged herself, and the leg filled, the filling alone could account for the lameness. Now that it's gone down a bit, the exercise would get the circulation going and take down the filling even more. Hopefully she will continue to improve and be fine soon.

  8. Glad Miss Maisie (with the gorgeous tail in the photos) is on the mend. When I saw the word "garlic" in the title, I thought you were giving your horses garlic. We have been giving Pie and Sovey garlic powder each day to fight off insects. They smell like little pizza faces. Your garlic scapes look yummy!

  9. Whew! I'm so glad to read and see that Maisie is coming along nicely and healing well. I wonder how she hurt it.
    Thanks to your good care, she'll be 100% and good as new!

    I've never had garlic scapes. I've always wanted to, but I don't know where to find them, and I don't dare try to attempt to grow anything here.
    Between the lack of rain, dry heat and my bad luck with growing stuff...they wouldn't survive.

    But please save a spot for me at the table, k?


  10. I'm glad Maisie is doing better. I agree with your decision to do light riding. I would suggest hosing the leg down with cold water as another way to bring down mild swelling in the leg. It really helps with the circulation, bringing blood to the affected area. However, I got in deep trouble trying to do that with my untrained yearling!

    Garlic scapes? I grew garlic last summer and harvested the cloves. Are the scapes unformed cloves?

  11. I am finding that work is better for Bar's knee than most anything else. He is sound on it, and he had his body work today, too. The verdict is to put him back to regular work now and see how it goes.

    Glad Miss Maisie is doing better!

  12. Am super pleased to hear Masie is getting better. I was curious about the garlic scapes. I had never heard of them. They sound yum with the potatoes.
    Do you give your horses garlic granules?. They are fantastic to mix into their food to keep colds away and the flies away in the summer.
    P.S word verification tonight is canter . How cool is that!!!

  13. Fantastyk Voyager - the scapes are actually the flower shoots. A couple of weeks before the garlic is ready to harvest, the plants each make a single flower shoot - the unopened flower is the triangular bit near the end of the scape. The scape comes out of the center of the plant and then as it grows curls over.

    I've only just learned to use them myself - our organic farm started to include them in their share box so I learned. They're very tasty - I trim off the tough bit at the bottom and take off the flower end and chop!


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