Friday, July 2, 2010

Light Work

Maisie's left hind, just above the pastern joint, has tended to swell and stay somewhat swollen after work. And she tends to want to rest it when she's standing, which indicates that the swelling is making her a bit sore. But she's not off, although she's not pushing from behind the way I'd like either. Just to be careful, I've been keeping our work somewhat lighter than normal - we're not pushing on the fitness - and also cold hosing her leg after the work. Yesterday the swelling didn't go down much with work even after the compression from her boot, today it did which is an improvement. Maisie has had a rear suspensory injury in the past on the right hind, so I'm keeping a close eye on it. She's not a stoic, though, and will let me know if something isn't right.

Today several of our pastures were mowed and the mares spent the day in the small grass paddocks. Maisie and I rode out through the pastures to inspect the work. Even though these are the same pastures she goes into for turnout every day, being ridden out there was more exciting. She did some calling to the other horses from time to time. Scout and Fritz ran out through the parallel pasture to follow us. Once we got far out, Scout and Fritz galloped back to the barn, bucking and farting, leaving Maisie all alone. She really wanted to gallop back with them, but when I asked her to walk and stay with me, she did - I was very proud of her!

Another lovely day - may your days be as lovely!


  1. I have never mown our pastures as much as this year.

    Your header shot is gorgeous, by the way. Maisie seems to be quite a trooper.

  2. Sounds like things continue to grow.

    Here it's raining like crazy. We're off to an agility tournament with our daughter and her dog. But when I come back I'm riding in the rain!

  3. Sounds like you and Maisie are really starting to bond and she is really starting to trust you. Nice!

  4. Maisie sounds like she's really being a good girl. Hope her hind feels better very soon and you two can do more than the light work.

    We could sure use some rain here the pastures are turning brown.


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