Saturday, July 31, 2010

Noble's Spirit Blows Through Me

Although I miss Noble terribly - seeing his empty stall and not seeing him grazing with the gelding herd are particularly hard - I feel in some way as though his spirit is blowing through me, and that if I may, the wonderful things about him are available to me if I only grasp hold of them. May I be able to take on board his generosity of spirit, his kindness, his integrity and steadfastness, his patience and intelligence, his ability to forgive and his sense of humor, and remember him, and honor him, in this way for the rest of my life.


  1. For several months after I lost my Russell R., I am absolutely positive he stayed here with me. I finally told him he had to "go" and I immediately felt a lightening and from then on we were both free.

    Now all he gave me and all he taught me resonates with my riding and training. A wise and generous horse like Noble has left his legacy to you and every horse you will work with forever.

    You are right to treasure his memory and honor his spirit as both guide and inspire you.

  2. Noble was truly a "noble" boy. Your post today is beautiful and honors his spirit and life. It is so hard to be without them after they go, but I do believe that they leave behind their good energy and positive traits and love for us to scoop up and keep.

  3. Kate...I love what you wrote today...once again your words bring me to tears. I have lost 5 horses over the past 30 years and I miss them all.

  4. Kate,
    that was beautifully said!
    I think one of the most difficult things about sharing our lives with animals is the realization many cases....we will out-live them.
    ...but no matter how short our time is with them, they will each leave us with a spirit to remember.
    I have always told myself that each of my animals had the best life I could give them and were loved with everything I had.
    Although I have yet to go through the loss of my own horse, I have lost many wonderful dogs.
    It is this thought that gets me through the worst. Many huggs to you during this hard time......

  5. He was a wonderful horse, and a steadying presence in your blog. Thank you for sharing him with us...

  6. What a beautiful post. It continually amazes me how much our four-legged companions enrich our lives. A relationship built on love, respect and trust can only make us better people. Noble's spirit will live on through you.

  7. How lovely. Each of our horses that we love and sadly lose leave us forever changed for the better. And leave a peice of thier wonderful spirit in our hearts. I have no doubt that you will honor his wonderful spirit

  8. Beautifully said. I know that my boy Erik stayed with me for a while until I let him go. Even his best friend in the barn (Mellon) knew he was around. I can't explain the circumstances (it would make this too long) but we just knew his spirit was there.

    Noble was a horse among horses and you will always keep him close to you in your heart and memories.

    Here is a poem that I've always liked hope you do too:

    Where to Bury a Horse

    If you bury him in this spot,
    the secret of which you must already have,
    he will come to you when you call;
    come to you over the far, dim pastures of death.

    And though you ride other living horses through life,
    they shall not shy at him, nor resent his coming,
    For he is yours, and he belongs there.

    People may scoff at you, who see no lightest blade of grass
    bent by his footfall,
    who hear no nicker pitched too fine for insensitive ears.
    People who may never really love a horse.

    Smile at them then, for you shall know something
    that is hidden from them
    and which is well worth the knowing
    The one place to bury a horse is in the heart of his master.

  9. Beautiful post. So thoughtfully written. What a blessing to have had Noble in your life and for you to have been in Noble's life, too. Your paths will surely cross again.


  10. What a lovely way to honor Noble after his passing, as you did during his life Kate.

  11. There is such a big gap in the Universe when a horse goes.

  12. Crazy as it's going to sound- I pray to my old arabian for help with my quarters. If nothing else, it helps me to feel like he's still with me in some way.

  13. seems like a great way to remember such a kind soul. I'm sure the others (human and animal) are missing his presence there too.

  14. Kate,
    This is a beautiful and touching post. Thanks for sharing from your heart. What a special horse Noble is, helping you through the transition.

  15. Noble is as his is a quality that now, transcends a physical presence ~

    Kate, thanks for the beauty of sharing your lovely horses in my heart too.


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