Friday, July 9, 2010

Photos of the Work

I managed to get my (long-suffering) husband to come to the barn today to take some photos of Maisie and Dawn while we worked. (Of course, this means you also have photos of me - please ignore my permanent shoulder hunch.) It was a beautiful day, low 80sF and low humidity. Maisie and I didn't too very much, as her hinds are still sore from her trim. We did a bit of work at the walk:

We trotted just a bit, but she was a little sore:

We did one lap at the canter with me in half-seat, just for the photographer:

Dawn and I did a bit more. Tightening the girth:

Petting her face after putting on her fuzzy nose halter for some lungeing - I often have a silly grin when I'm around horses:

Some trot work on the lunge - going to the right is her harder/bracier direction (you'll note that I don't stand still in the middle - I'm moving too - we work together and this allows us to do things besides circles):


Mounting - she stands like a rock, although I should have asked her to square up so she would be in a more comfortable stance:


A nice quiet walk (ignore the white socks poking through - I took off my half-chaps as we were only working at the walk) - we worked some more on her walk/halt transition and the verbal whoa:

We did some walking over poles - here we're stretching down so she can relax for a moment as pole work tends to make her nervous (although a lot less nervous than she used to be):

Here I'm letting her pick the distance - she's taken a long spot, which she often tends to do, I think out of nervousness:

I helped her out a bit her and she got a better spot:

All done, and stroking for work well done:

Enjoy your weekend, and if you're lucky it'll include horses!


  1. They are looking really good! Keep up the hard work!

  2. You all look good in the pictures. You got lots of nice work in with them. I can't even imagine my (long suffering) husband to take pictures. He did it once years ago in the indoor and it wasn't good. Tell your husband he's a pretty good photographer.

  3. Maisie looks lovely and Dawn really seems to be relaxing.

    Around here, horses would have to be decked out in bug armor and face masks to work that patiently. Bugs are horrible this year. Your girls look all shiny and content.

    I shall not comment on your seat since you asked not too...but hey, you don't look that bad at all, so quit the fussing....*G*

  4. Nice work with both of them. I especially like the second photo, where Maisie is really seeking out contact--lovely!

  5. Oh it is so nice to see you actually work with them. I love your "silly grin," I seem to get that a lot too! :)

  6. Looking good , the "silly" grin is wonderful. So nice to see you and both horses

  7. How wonderful to have these pics of your working time together. Maise looks great and you can see the try...

  8. Oh Kate..this was so wonderful to finally see you and your mares at it.having a great ride! I simply LOVE that second photo of you and Maisie trotting long and low!
    Lovely of your husband!
    Your sweet!

  9. I always wear my big silly grin around the horses...Isn't it a rule? ;o)

  10. Like the shades!.....Those half chaps? They`ve seen better days!...For a photo shoot?..Lol! Nice pics, horse doesnt look too happy about working in that heat!..

    Great to see though!

  11. Looking good Kate, you and your horses look really well.

  12. Cheyenne - yeah, the half chaps are a bit tired and don't match any of my riding clothes!

  13. Looks like fun but that's out of the question this weekend. It has rained all week and I tweaked my back. The cosmos has spoken.

  14. They are both lovely horses. You guys look great and both horses looked relaxed. I loved the picture of Dawn stretching.

    I love that you move while lunging I think that it is important for so many reasons. 1)Gives you more exercise! 2)gives you the ability to make a wider circle which makes it easier on the horse 3)your steps and energy can communicate details to the horse that the voice and whip can't like.

  15. Great photos! My (also long suffering) husband is supposed to come take more photos of me sometime soon. A horse blog just isn't complete without pictures, but it's hard to get any when you're the one riding!

  16. looks good to me! and I recognize that 'silly grin' too
    : )
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  17. Loved all the pictures. I need to bribe Jason and get him to take some pictures of me on my girls. I can't imagine WHY he hasn't volunteered for that job already!

  18. Wonderful photos! Kudos to your hubby! I always try to get photos of me in the saddle, too. I think it's so important so we riders can see how we are sitting and carrying ourselves, as well as how our horses are relating to our time on their backs.

    Maisie is looking so shiny and svelte...and you, too. :)
    You guys looks great together.

    I'm glad you enjoyed a wonderful day in the saddle and on the ground with your lovely mare. :)


  19. Its nice to see pictures. Both girls are looking great. Dawn looks like she is very relaxed.


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