Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sensing the Horse

Sense the horse.

the beautiful colors of horses and their infinite variety of markings
their speed and grace and beauty of movement
the rippling of their muscles
the way their bodies fit together and work, including their amazing hooves and legs
horses grazing as they were meant to do
the wisdom in the face of an old horse
the eye of the horse, seeing you for who you really are.
the chewing of hay
the sound of grazing
all the different nickers and neighs
the swish of a tail
the footfalls of a herd galloping by
the splashes of drinking.
that wonderful horse smell
fresh, clean hay
grassy meadows and clover
feeds and supplements
the wind as it rushes by at a gallop
the sun-warmed air.
the sleekness of a summer coat
a plush winter coat
the movement of each foot under you
the question when the horse asks
the answer the horse gives to your ask
the connection and energy and power.
Sense the horse.


  1. I LOVED this post! I almost fee that I am at the stables now experiencing the magic. I am grateful that I am lucky enough to Sense the Horse.

  2. Very pretty and soul fuel ~ thank you for sharing Kate

  3. ahhhh,that wonderful horse smell! Lovely Post!

  4. Kate,
    Your words and observations are lovely, heartfelt and touching. They are such wonderful creatures and give us so much, don't they?

  5. Beautiful, Kate.

    Thanks for the reminder of all the joys they offer.

  6. Lovely post! May I print it out and hang it on my locker at the barn? I'm sure others would love this too.

  7. AWESOME! *sigh* How I wish I could 'sense' a horse all the time! Great post!

  8. This is perfect. It's the little things that matter the most. Like how wonderful my gelding smells when I bring him in from the pasture and how nice it is to hear my mare whinny every time she sees me.

  9. I was googling horse names and came across a comment on another blog that you made about how u love to name horses.
    I just bought a loepard appy and she needs a name and i cant think of a good one. She is almost 2 yrs old. very friendly, loves ppl and other horses, very smart but loves to play. Could you help?
    My email is epickthall@gmail.com

  10. Lovely job. You have captured the essence of "horse."

  11. Oh! That is the best Kate!
    And your new look is so sweet too..I love the red tones behind Maisie mare!!


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