Friday, August 13, 2010

I Have Seen Wonders

I have seen wonders -

The sky full of dragonflies

Every sunrise and sunset, glowing in ways found only on that day

Clouds backlit by sun, in their glory

The swoop and turns of barn swallows

Flocks of sandhill cranes almost too high to see

The perfection of oak leaves

Tall prairie grasses rippling in the autumn wind

Snowflakes on my sleeve or on a horse's coat

Horses running in the fog, flowing up the hill with manes streaming

Horses with muscles rippling under skin, heads high, nostrils flared

The endless blue of a cold winter sky

The trunk of an ancient tree, bark etched by the years

The glitter and drift of new-fallen snow

The look of recognition in a horse's eyes, knowing me for who I truly am

I have seen wonders.


  1. Beautiful! It is a special gift to be able to appreciate the true and simple wonders of the world.

    And best of all, you are in touch with nature, where the true glory shines.

  2. So many of these wonders are lost to those who forget to look up.

  3. Beautifully written Kate. There are wonders around us every minute of everyday...some see them, some don't.
    You sound like a woman at peace with the world...a person who has an appreciation for every breath.

  4. I would like to add one?....If I may.

    "I have seen the look of wonder, in the eyes of a child. The first time the she saw the sun rise, sitting with me, with all the horse around."

    Hope you dont mind.

  5. Cheyenne - you are most welcome.

  6. Lovely Kate - to live a life where you can see the wonder is perhaps the greatest achievement in our journey here.

  7. Earth's crammed with Heaven
    and every bush afire with God
    but only those who see it
    take off their shoes.
    The other stand around
    pick black berries.
    I think Elizabeth Barret Browning wrote that.
    Earth really is crammed with Heaven if only we will open our eyes and see it, like you do.

  8. I feel that...very nicely written~

  9. Beautiful sentiments. If only more people would stop and look around them and appreciate all the wonders, perhaps there wouldn't be so much trouble in the world today.


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