Friday, August 20, 2010

Product Review: Ice Horse® Boots

I've been icing Maisie's hind legs after every ride, and until today I'd been borrowing ice boots from Charisma's owner. Her boots are pretty old, and have ice pack inserts with those little squares - not very comfortable I would think. Maisie didn't seem to like those boots very much, and they didn't stay on all that well.

I just bought some Ice Horse® boots, and used them for the first time this morning. So far, I'm really pleased with them. I forgot to take my camera to the barn, so this picture is without horse, but gives you the general idea:

These are the model called Tendon Wraps (follow the link for a picture of these on a horse), and cover the area from below the knee to the pastern joint. There are other models, including a hock boot, a hoof boot and one that covers from the knee down to the hoof. Although I haven't used the boots long enough to know if they will be durable, they seem to be well-constructed and sturdy, and the straps are also sturdy. Maisie didn't seem to mind these at all when they were on, even though they are a bit bulky and heavy.

The ice packs are made with a non-toxic propylene glycol mix, which I would describe as having a somewhat gel-like consistency with beads when warm and more like crushed ice when frozen.

The packs easily fit in pockets inside the boots, and are malleable enough even when frozen to conform well to the horse's leg. These ice packs can also be heated in the microwave or boiled if hot therapy is needed. They also seem to do a good job of staying cold for a long time and Maisie's legs felt nice and cold when I took them off.

So far Maisie and I give this product a double thumbs-up!


  1. I have used as an emergency pack, a 2lb pack of frozen peas!!!!!

    It worked. The trouble is, I got sick of eating peas after a while!

  2. Cheyenne - frozen corn works too!

  3. I love it when I find something that works! And I hate it when i don't and end up losing a ton of $$$

  4. We use these boots and like them too. So do the horses, they give it the thumbs up too.

    (left a comment before but guess it didn't go through)

  5. Looks good to me. Always nice to know when a product is worth the investment. Thanks again.

  6. Modern technology seems to be benifiting horses much better now. Those look very useful. Thanks for the review.


  7. I may get one of these for my mare's suspensory too. I get to sit on her again this week to walk for five minutes at a time, so I'll be cold hosing again. The Tendon boots look much simpler! Do you feel comfortable leaving Maisie alone with them on?


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