Monday, September 20, 2010

Horse Comparison: Bay and Buckskin

And one more set - here is horse #5 and her ad:

And horse #6 and his ad:

What do you think?


  1. I see you're giving the Impressive breds another look. My gelding has Mr Impressive lines too, don't be surprised if that mare is a little "bulldoggy" in person even though she doesn't have HYPP.

    That buckskin looks cute but I wonder why they didn't show any side pictures of him at a standstill and without tack.

    Of all the horses you showed, I'm voting for #3. But that's a very ill-informed opinion.

  2. So far I like #3 and #6. But I am not an expert! :-) I like what they have to offer, I like their legs and feet (what I can make out). The buckskin has beautiful kind eyes.

  3. I like the adds for both of these . The bay is a little stouter that I had pictured for you . All based on phots and adds , though ,it will be easier when you see them in person

  4. I like the buckskin a lot. He has had some good experiences and is very handsome. You will never know for sure until you see them in person.

  5. So far I think that Horse #3 fits what you are looking for the most, based on his ad, but if I were to make a choice based on looks alone, I love that buckskin. Virtual horse shopping -- this is fun!

  6. I think this buckskin is adorable, love his eye.If I was buying for myself my top 3 would be: paint mare, buckskin, chunky chestnut in that order. Good luck.

  7. Of all, I like the buckskin best. In the pictures, it looks like he carries himself well--he has a big, gentle eye--wide-set--relaxed--intelligent. He's a good age--7.

    The sorrel AQHA was my second, but something about him--I think the eyes don't look as relaxed (something that might change with the right home) but I'd have to see him in person.

    My question is, does the buckskin neck rein? It doesn't mention it in the ad--which surprises me. In some of the pics, it looks like she's plow reining. So, I wonder how much training he's had.

  8. Look closely at any horse with Impressive. But you know that already. Can't say much else about the mare, except her experience seems good.

    Now you know I love a buckskin, and he's real cute, like everything about him...except, you would have to look in person at him cus he looks like he's tied in behind the kness of the front legs in the pictures. I like his body, a nice back and pleanty of rump. But have to see the legs in person.

  9. The bay mare looks lovely and yet they've only supplied one picture of her. She has been and done what you say you want to do, so that's a plus. I believe you are partial to bays, too, right?

    The buckskin has a beautiful eye and is a good looking fella. I love bays and buckskins.

    One thing that has occurred to me reading through these is that your previous horses seem to have been tall leggy thoroughbred types. Now, I know you've stated you're ready for a shorter horse, but are you ready for a stouter horse? Some of the ones you've shown us are certainly solidly build and will that extra wideness affect your hips? Just a thought.

  10. The bay has the best pedigree out of any of the horses.
    Mr Impressive was an AQHA champion with points in halter and western pleasure and sired horses that could do anything, from halter to racing to pleasure to cutting and reining events:

    Mr Spanish Snip was also an AQHA Champion

    Mr Mac Reynolds had a superior in Western Pleasure

    Boston Mac was an incredible stallion--earner and producer:

    Eternal Darold was a son of Eternal Sun, AQHA Champion

    Eternal Cookie was also by Eternal Sun, but had 72 halter points and 165 performance points.

    I had an old broodmare who was Mr Impressive/Eternal Sun bred and she produced champions in paint, quarter, and appaloosa in halter and performance.

    Because of her pedigree and the fact that she's a well broke mare, she'd be the most marketable should you decided to resell her at some point.

  11. I wouldn't consider the bay because of the Impressive breeding. She may be HYPP N/N, but halter bloodlines carry other flaws.

    The buckskin is very good looking but looks worried in a couple pictures and does he have weak pasterns? I would probably go look at him anyway.

  12. I like the bay the best Not that the buckskin isn't a cutie...he looks wonderful. But I like how the bay is shown on the trail, just like the write up says she can do so well. Lots of horses are just fine in the ring. I also found the write up for the mare more genuine somehow...I do not like the name Kissy though! Ugh!

  13. I'm still a fan of the sorrel, but I have a very, very weak spot for buckskins.

    Mare is an easy keeper - is that a problem on your grass area?

    Can't wait to see what turns up when you see them in person! Lots of great options - on paper, anyway.

  14. Why do people advertise horses without decent conformation pictures?

    I can't tell a darn thing about the mare and the buckskin looks cute under saddle, but even the hind end shot they have of him doesn't let you see how his legs line up.

  15. I cant begin begin to judge b/c I think all of the shown horses are beautiful!! What's so hard is that I know whomever you choose is SO LUCKY!!!
    I'm so glad that my Laz chose me, otherwise I'd be broke with 100 horses grazing in my city backyard!!! lol!

  16. I'm back..that Otis (buckskin) has the sweetest face!! What lovely dapples too........none of this should matter, but I'm leaning towards him. :)

  17. Interesting choices so far... Looks like you have lots of prospects to work through.

    I really liked the two chestnuts, for some reason. Also the b/w paint mare and the buckskin. I think that most, if not all deserve an email to the seller with your questions and asking for more photos.

    Sometimes, when I get a seller that doesn't "get" my questions or provide the right info, that in itself is a sign to move on.

  18. I find that I like horses 2 and 3 the most. From the pictures provided (though it is hard to tell) I like their confirmation and they seem to go along with what you originally were looking for the best. This is a pretty uninformed opinion, though. I would definitely ask for more pictures. I would also stay away from horse number 5, even though she may be HYPP Negative, she's a little more on the stocky side because she's more of a halter type. I'm just not a fan of Impressive breds period, though, so it's a pretty biased opinion.

  19. I'm such a sucker for buckskin. I just like the look of the last gelding. I don't know if I'm being biased about the color but I find him to be the most attractive of the lot and he sounds like a very nice horse in the ad. There was also something about horse #4 that I liked, and I'm usually not big on the sorrels. But then again I should probably hush about color since last time I chose a horse based on color I ended up with a horse that really wasn't right for me.

  20. The one thing I can see in the picture of #5 is that her right knee is not nicely balanced, too much on the inside. I'm having a hard time assessing because I keep seeing my daughter's gelding who looks just like this one. #6 not enough muscling in the butt to suit me. I would think that means he hasn't been ridden a whole lot, lately anyway and I don't like a horse with that long of pasterns in the front. They break down with how hard we use them. Sorry I don't mean to be picky about stuff but I like to figure out what's wrong and then decide if that's something I'm willing to overlook for other qualities I really want. It's all right to not be perfect, how many of us are.

  21. I agree with CCC on the mare's knee. I'm not a fan of the top side of her pedigree, but in defense of the Impressive horses, the 15 year old mare that just completed a trip across Canada was Impressive bred, and absolutely bombproof. I would like to see the pedigree on the buckskin, he is a nice boy and looks like he'd be a smooth ride. I like a big gaskin muscle on a horse, and so far 3 ties in the deepest there. 3 and 6 so far for me. I hope you take photos and videos when you go see your picks.

  22. I like both of these. I am a bay person, usually, but the buckskin is so cute. I like geldings usually, but I like the mare's eyes in that photo. I am with baystatebrumby, though, "Kissy" is a horrid nickname. Both look like winners - kind and good on the trail and in the ring.


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