Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One More

I've started making some phone calls on my horse search.  I spoke yesterday to the owner of horse #7:

I like her breeding and look, but it turns out that, although she's been started under saddle (this was a while ago), she's been used almost entirely as a broodmare and only ridden by the owner's teenage daughter on the trails, which I think mainly means around their pastures.  The good news is that she's really good on the trails - quiet and easy to ride - and is very sound due to being used so lightly, but the bad news is she really doesn't want to move out much.  I get the impression she's very quiet - perhaps a bit too quiet for me - and she really doesn't have any training to speak of - I'd like a horse with a more experience, particularly on trails. The owner also said that, although her feet are very solid, that she has a tendency to toe in with one front foot. I've decided to take her off my list.

I also spoke to the owner of horse #8 - the pretty gelding with the good movement and the somewhat too-small feet:

It turns out he's been taken off the market, so that one's off the list.

So, here's another one for you to look at and comment about, horse #9 and his ad:


  1. I love his coloring and it sounds like he has a great personality, but it sounds like training could be an issue with this one, too. If it is something you can work with, though, he looks and sounds like a fun horse.

  2. He sounds like a prospect too, on the basis of the ad and the nice photo, although it doesn't show anything of his conformation. And I wouldn't have assumed he was QH.

  3. I am wondering if he is a little green,and fresh for what you wnated.Not to say you couldn't do the work , but I didn't think you were lookinf so much for a project, more of a finished horse . otherwise he is a different color and from what I can see a decent sort, the photo doesn't give you a lot to work from

  4. I like the walk on that horse. Too bad I can't tell much else.

    Too bad about the two you've already weeded out, but at least that's less traveling you'll have to do to find the right one.

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  6. I feel like I am going to be no help to you at all, because every time you post a new photo I say "awwwww" and find a reason to love the horse. I also get the impression that this one is a little green (he's only 5 after all) but he's worth looking into on the basis of that pretty face alone.

  7. I like #3 - like his build, size and feet, he has trail experience and his description indicates a gentle, wants to please personality.

    I like #6 - gorgeous buckskin colour, soft eye, nice feet (what ou can see) and build. I like the way he carries himself with sitting trot. Again lots of trail experience.

    I like #9 - gorgeous colour, like is big build and feet...but they don't list much experience. Perhaps this could be an opportunity to train him to be the horse you need.

  8. You are going to need a check off list where you set your priorities and rate each horse accordingly. Right now you are looking at all sorts with varied ages and training.

    You need to settle on exactly what you want and exactly what you DO NOT want to deal with.

  9. He's got a very sweet face. I don't know if this sort of horse is what you're looking for, if you don't mind training a horse then he might be for you, he doesn't sound like he has lots of experience except on trails. I like him a lot mostly for his facial expression and body.

    Personally, I like a horse that hasn't been messed with too much because I like to train them to the way I ride. Even though he is only 15-1 hands he looks solid and he could definitely take up your leg. My Dusty is only 15-1 but she is a round powerhouse and now that I'm used to her I don't feel too big for her.

    I still sort of like the black and white paint mare, she's just flashy and elegant looking and is my type of horse.( And yes,I know that's no criteria for picking a horse)The buckskin is awfully cute too. In the end you have to decide on exactly what is right for you. I don't think you can do this unless you actually ride and interact with a horse before buying, but you've got a lot of nice choices to choose from.

  10. I love the breeding on this horse, but then I like cow-bred horses. If I was looking for a working cowhorse prospect, I'd seriously consider this one. I think there is not enough info or photos to make a judgement call on him, but based on what I see it would be worth a call to find out more about him. And I agree a checklist would help when you are looking at a lot of prospects, or at least keep a fact sheet of pros and cons on the ones you do look at.

  11. Not much to go on here picture wise so I'll just have to go on gut feeling - I like him. A lot.

  12. As others have said, not much to go on with #9...

    except he's cute as heck, great color and his name - "Genuine Hawkins" - perfect.

    I'd be visiting this one and the buckskin - both have a sweet look about them. I'm a sucker for a sweet horse :)

  13. Like him. I tend to focus on temperament, he sounds like a jewel. Call! :)

  14. I have to say, this is the first one I've commented on. It's true the picture doesn't reveal much, but what it does reveal is so interesting. Some muscle, nice feet, maybe a nice top line, but something in his face speaks to a great personality. The way you like to capture the nuances in horses with you photos, just imagine tracking his color changes. He's like a mood ring. Nothing about riding here, I know, but call!

  15. I really like #9. I think you'd look great riding him. He has a kind face and a great build. But I think he's been sold already, right?

    Looks like you've got to keep on searching...



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