Monday, October 18, 2010

. . . and a Few More . . .

I've also got calls out on these two, both of which look like good, solid horses -

Horse # 19 and his ad:

And horse #20 and her ad:

It looks like the "sell horse before winter" ads are popping up, which is a good thing - if I'm to "buy horse before winter" it'll happen soon, otherwise I'll be waiting until spring.


  1. 19 not a very big horse. It bothers me a little that they are picturing him on pavement and then one of the photos he looks to me like he is standing a little sore in the front. I could be wrong, it's just one photo.

  2. There's nothing about #19's confirmation that I like - he looks higher in the hind end than in the front (could be uneven ground....but makes me nervous like CCC said - sore front end) and #20 does nothing for me. A little "Blah" for me...

  3. Both are nice looking horses, though #19 isn't very big. He has, however, done all you say you want to do. A nice safe, sane trail horse.

    #20 is more of an unknown quantity. She has the potential to do everything and hasn't really done anything - oh, except eat apparently:)

  4. I like the bay, and if he lives up to his add ,wow! The mare, seems nice , would like to see under saddle pics, and she is Pepey san Badger bred,I love the look and ability ,that brings , but they can be a bit hot (in my experience)

  5. Now is definitely the buyer's market. In the spring everyone wants to buy, it seems. Fall, everyone wants to sell LOL. Looks like you've got some good prospects, though! I'm trying to make a trail horse--much harder, but I raised him, so what the "hay" :)

  6. Something about that Bay boy. Though small at 4, with the correct movement + riding, don't you think he could come up top 15?...which I think is a perfect hieght!

    I thought he looked nice, nice expression, liked his rear angle. (who knows why people submit the photos they do??!! Maybe so you could clearly are his legs.

    The mare was okay...from the write up + 2 pics..nothing grabbed me. I'm not acquainted with QH lines..mostly TB.

    I think you should have some test rides soon, Kate!!

  7. At my age, I see nothing wrong with a 14.3 hand horse! Thbay is plenty deep through the heart girth, so wouldn't look that disproportionate. He does stand a little downhill, though--in the one side shot, if you put his back feet at the bottom of the frame, his fronts are higher, but his withers are definitely lower, nonethe less.
    Both of today's horses look a little straight in the pasterns to me. And it's pretty hard to judge the mare's shoulder from those photos...

  8. I'm a sucker for bay boys, but why did they post that dreadful conformation shot with him rocked back like that?

    Hard to tell about the mare. She sounds pretty solid, though.

    Nice prices for them both.

  9. Is it just me or is #19 standing on his back left weird? Is it just the way its trimmed or what? It looks like that hoof is flat, or he's standing on the back of the hoof instead of the front. Is it just me and my eyes that are too used to seeing lame horses, or does anyone else see it? #20 is an okay-looking horse - actually reminds me of my horse, Lucy - but she really doesn't say 'the one' to me. Interesting, though - definitely interesting.

  10. I like the Bay boy too. the pictures are horrible and I like him enough to call and possibly go see. He is small but looks put together pretty well.

    The mare just doesn't grab me. Nothing in particular really just not doing it.

  11. #19 is quite handsome. He looks very tall, too. Or is the rider just small?
    #20 looks like a pony, or maybe she just has short legs?



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