Wednesday, October 13, 2010

And So On . . .

For those who are interested in the endless horse search, yes, horses #10, 11 and 12 are still in the running; I just haven't made calls about them yet.  Horse #13 (the liver chestnut mare) is off the list, at least until the spring.  She's a nice mare, and I like her look, but she sounds like she doesn't have a lot of training and the videos would confirm that - she was trained by her owner and has done trails but I'm sure there are lots of holes.  She, like Drifter, might be worth a look in the spring if she's still available and if I'm feeling the itch for a project horse.

Dawn's right front lameness seems to be improving - this morning she walked out of the stall 95% sound - someone who didn't know her as I do wouldn't have even noticed the very slight offness.  But her belly's still swollen and tender, although there was plenty of poop and she's eating and drinking well with a normal demeanor.  She's also standing with her hind legs just so slightly under her body (not quite her normal stance), which can be a sign of anything from sore front feet (I don't think that's what it is) to a sore belly - but her belly isn't "sucked up" with the muscle line showing and she's not wrinkling her muzzle (a pain sign in Dawn). So who knows what's up?  There's a possible clue - yesterday Sugar came in from turnout with a bloody mouth from a small cut on the inside of her lip - could be that she and Dawn got into it yesterday - it's been known to happen as Dawn objects strongly to any uppity behavior from any of her mares - and perhaps some hooves made contact.  But then again, it could be anything - I'll be keeping a close eye on Dawn and I think I'll keep my vet appointment Friday even if her lameness continues to improve.


  1. Not a bad idea about the vet, considering Dawn's belly...curious.

    The horse search continues to intrigue. More twists and turns then a good novel, I'd say.

  2. She may improve by Friday, but I'd still have the vet take a look at her. It's probably nothing but you never know with horses.

    Good luck with the horse search, at this point I get a little confused with all of them, I sometimes have to go back through the archives to see who's who.

  3. Don't you just love mystery soreness / lameness...

    Your horse search reminds me of when I was searching and eventually ended up with Rosie.

    I was looking for all the things you were PLUS the ability to carry my husband, pack my kids, and be able to perform up to my ability. I ended up with Rosie, I wouldn't of done anything different or picked a different horse. Even now that the HUGE GAPING HOLE in her ground training is evident.

    Can't wait to see where your search takes you!

  4. Kate--I have such trouble getting my old computer to interact with blogs that I rarely comment (and this may not work), but I wanted to say that I've enjoyed reading about your horse search and hope you find the "right" one, and can totally relate to the frustration over Dawn's mystery problem and having no horse to ride when the weather is lovely. Why can't they have these problems mid-winter only(!) Hope Dawn gets over her issues (whatever they are--and as a combination of symptoms it seems pretty odd) quickly and all goes back to normal. Good wishes.

  5. The above comment from anon is Laura Crum--just couldn't get blogger to acknowledge me--and I tried and tried (!)

  6. Can't hurt to have her checked out. As to the horse hunt , you are really doing the leg work on this and while I am enjoying seeing whats out there I don't envy you the search

  7. Kate-

    Ugh - two sets of symptoms - possibly related or then again not... I hope things resolve on their own, but if not, that the vet will clear it up for you and Dawn.

    Your horse search is very thorough and well thought out. You have presented a lot of nice options. Left brain preparations aside - I'll bet you get a real charge when you see / meet "the one". :)

  8. I'm glad Dawn is getting better! Wonder what caused it in the first place? I'm a worrier and I'd have the vet check her just in case, especially since it is already scheduled. Horses like to surprise us! :)

  9. Kate, Sorry to hear about Dawn's discomfort. I'm sure you'll learn something helpful tomorrow when the vet comes. I hope she feels better soon.
    And I, too, am reading avidly about your horse search. It has the attributes of a good soap opera- intrigue and suspense (lol)! I look forward to each new episode!

  10. Gosh..what a mystery. You are a good horsewoman to notice Dawn being off, b/c like you said..most wouldn't. It's those details that help in catching issues early.
    I'm anxious to see what the vet has to say and hopefully all is well soon.
    Now again...someone needs to invent the talking horse device! It would save us THOUSANDS!!! ;)


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