Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Do Have Other Horses!

Now that the (almost) endless horse search is over, some of my other horses are clamoring to be noticed - or at least Dawn is.  Dawn can be plenty jealous, and it'll be interesting to see how she reacts to Pie's arrival - she won't be in the same herd with him but will see me handling and working with him.  No new pictures of Dawn - we've been having a howling windstorm for two days now and all I've been doing is grooming.

Lily, Norman and Maisie are living it up down in Tennessee at Paradigm Farms.  Lily didn't volunteer this time around for pictures, but Melissa got a nice shot of Maisie (on the left):

And here's Norm at his best (it must have been feeding time!):

It always mades me feel good to see how happy they look and how well they are cared for - thanks, Jason and Melissa!


  1. They certainly seem to be living well

  2. I'm so late to the party as usual. Hearty Congratulations on your new equine partner! Pie looks a real sweetie. I have a real soft spot for Jimmy Stewart, would love a pony called Pie :D

    Sounds like everyone else is in great health too, all sounding good where you are!

    Safe journey to Pieman!

  3. I've heard about those howling winds from a friend in Chicago. Hope it stops soon.

    It will be interesting to see how jealous Dawn is of Pie once you start handling and working with him. I know Dusty can give me the cold shoulder if I pay attention to anyone else or god forbid ride Blue. She's such a diva.

    Two more days!

  4. These winds are something else, aren't they?! Snapped some small trees in our pasture right in half.

    I bet you are excited to have Pie arrive! The photo of Norm is wonderful.

  5. It's great that they take so many pictures for you! They're both so cute!! I just love Norman's face... his markings are so unique.

  6. Great pictures. That same wind came roaring through New Mexico on Monday, but we survived.


  7. You have done a fabulous and thorough job with your horse search. I'm so glad it was a success. Congrats on finding Pie. He's very handsome and I even like his "Pie Face".

  8. yes, it sure males it easier to sleep at night knowing all those guys are doing so well where they are. And soon, Pie will be coming! I remember the first time my Lilly saw me leading Bella out of the pasture. She looked like she could not believe her eyes. It was a look of sheer surprise! Who knew she even cared!?

  9. is the paradigm farms a retirement place? the ponies certainly look like they're living the good life :)

  10. They look totally content. Love you for taking care of them in retirement.

  11. Hurricanes12 - yes, it is a retirement place, and a very fine one.

  12. National Velvet's horse was named "The Pie" =)

    That Norm pony is adorable !!!!

  13. How sweet--and I love that picture of Norm--what a face!

  14. Glad to see you downloaded the pictures of Maisie and Norman. Sorry I did not get them to you directly it was just an extra busy day!!

    By the way thanks for mentionining US Rider. We actually have both AAA and US Rider. My horses friends all tell me US Rider is slow to get a tow truck to you in this area so I've always just kept my AAA coverage since it is cheap. After that aggravating phone call to AAA yesterday I will probably try US Rider if there is a next time - hopefully not!

  15. I love it Kate...was about to start to type and saw Your New "PIE" in the sidebar!
    I love his rather large snip on the nose!

    Isn't it funny the looks and reactions you get from your "Other horse" when you are with another horse?!
    Wa always(actually) looks relieved!

  16. Norm is such a cutie!

    I can't believe I'm already behind on like seven of your posts! Eek. I better get to reading. It's only going to get worse during November though because of NaNo lol. I'll do my best.

    Thank you for your comment. Oh and please do a post when you get Pie's dental done! I would love to see how it goes. :)


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