Monday, October 18, 2010

Perhaps a Little More Like It

I think these three horses are about the style and build I'm looking for, and appear to have relevant experience.  If I like what I hear on the phone, I may pay a visit to horses #17 and #18, as well as horse #2, who is nearby to them (for all you horse #2 fans!) - I can do these in an easy day trip.  Horse #16 is a long way away, so we'll have to see.  I believe #16 is double Impressive on the top side, so that's a question mark for me, and I don't have pedigrees yet for #17 and #18, although I'll bet #18 may have some Impressive in there, looking at the build.  Horses #10, 11 and 12 are still in contention, although they're much farther away and would require a multi-day trip.

Horse #16 and his ad:

Horse #17 and his ad:

Horse #18 and his ad and video (nice video, not so great pictures):

More news later!


  1. I like Smoke's video, the still pictures aren't great. He looks well trained and calm. Also looks like a comfy ride. Very handsome guy. I'd vote for him.

    The others look nice enough but this guy sort of stands out to me.

  2. Kate,
    Can you tell me how you moved your side bar information to the side? I noticed that you have one of the new templates...I saw this and recognized it was on your blog. Right at this point all my info is at the bottom? I don't know if you want my opinion or not but I would not buy an Impressive bred horse (sorry all you who like them). It is not that I don't like the way they look, I do but all that I've been through with Romeo, never want to go through a major health issue again...that's just me. Why take the risk? I think it's ignorant to breed these horses when they have a genetic problem even if they're HYPP N/N. I know several breeders that breed stallions that are OWLS and HYPP N/N and continue to produce positive offspring that have a hard time being sold. I would also not buy a paint, so I'm not a fan of #2....don't like how they're built. I would stick to foundation bred for trail riding.

  3. I like Smoke...nice video and it helps that a good rider is on him too. He looks smooth. I like his neck and build. Let us know the bloodlines on him! I'm curious.

  4. LuLo - I think the template I selected came that way - but I'm not entirely sure.

  5. Catching up again, and the search continues :) I admire how well you stick to your search criteria, it's hard to shop with one's head and not one's heart (which is I found my horse, and look how that's gone *lol*). Good luck on the continuing hunt.

  6. Like Smoke and#16 as well, nothin against 17 other than the ad is short on detail.Especially like the fact that Smoke is shown working under saddle.It will be nice to see your take on things once you have seen them

  7. #16 I think is right on target. Really love the looks of him.

    #17 I'd be interested to know more/see more of

    #18....not my "type" ;-)

  8. #18 is my favorite of all you've posted. I get a nice vibe from him without really knowing why.

  9. I like the look of #16. Solid and kind. I can't really see his feet, but they look substantial rather than teeny.

  10. I really like 17, he's got a heck of an engine on him and a nice back.

    18 has a cool color but his back looks a little weak.

  11. Is it the Impressive 'look' that you don't like? As long as these horses have been tested and are HYPP N/N you're good to go in that regard.

    Too bad the ads for #16 and #17 are so short! Number 18 sounds like a great little horse but the pictures of him aren't great, so it's a little tough to judge his conformation.

    (Yay for a visit to horse number 2!)

  12. Did you notice they had to whack horse 18 to make him lope....?

    He looks like a really nice horse though!


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