Thursday, October 7, 2010

Two New Features

I've just added two new features - the ability to search this blog for topics/words that aren't necessarily in the labels, and a translator!  (They both came from The Real Blogger Status, which is a great blog which I recommend for anyone who uses the Blogger platform - both gadgets came from there and as TRBS says, be very careful when installing third-party gadgets, even those that show up on the Google list, on your blog as very bad stuff sometimes comes with.)


  1. I really like the search function. Nice.

  2. Kate all the best with your trip to see horse number 3. I hope its worth the trip!!!!! I also hope Dawn is improving. Isn't it a pain when they go unsound and you cant pin point the problem

  3. Love the translation feature! Just added it to my blog too :)

    Word of caution though, I'm bilingual and the actual translation that this translator comes up with is quite funny!

  4. Wiola - there's a feature that, if you run your cursor over the translation, it shows the original text and asks you to provide a better translation if you will.


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