Saturday, November 6, 2010

Frosty Morning Trail Ride

I usually don't ride on Saturdays - I have music lessons and driving to and from that takes up most of the day.  But it was a beautiful, frosty morning, with sun and only a touch of wind.  The leaves were drifting down and the tall grasses were gently waving.  It was in the mid-20sF when I went to the barn to feed and clean my stalls.  By the time I rode, it was about 30, but I was dressed for the weather.

Pie and I did several new things today.  We rode in the morning - I took him out of the pasture about 1 1/2 hours after he'd been turned out - no problem.  We rode alone and went further than we've gone before - we were out for about 1 1/2 hours - he did great.  We did lots of trotting, including some towards home (always a good test) - no problem.   We did find out that he doesn't like large, out-of-control lunging dogs who are dragging their owners towards him - we encountered two - he was nervous but controllable - but then I don't like large misbehaving dogs either.  He was slightly worried - staring and gentle whuffing - by a guy by the side of the road banging together some sort of road construction thing out of large pieces of lumber.  There was one bigger spook - something went crashing away through the grasses on the side of the trail - might have been a deer although we didn't see it - he startled hard, moved sideways and his feet were dancing for a second, but again he listened to me and didn't leave the scene.  And even more importantly, he calmed right down afterwards and walked and trotted on a loose rein.

It was lovely to be out on the trail with a fine horse on such a beautiful day!


  1. Sounds great! A little spooking at new stuff is to be expected I guess but it's wonderful how quickly he came back and listened to you. He's so sensible and I think he had some very nice training previously too. Wonderful horse.

  2. I really appreciate a horse that comes back down for a spook well. That's a fabulous quality!

    Isn't it easy to find time when you have a horse you can't wait to ride?

  3. I'm so happy that Pie is such a good horse. I think he's typical of good quality Quarter Horses, and you can see why they make such a good working horse for ranches and why they make such good family horses. Pie is the type of QH that I try to raise. Disposition is very important to me, especially as I grow older and more brittle.

  4. I think he had every right to spook at the things he did. Every one was a logical reaction to really out of the ordinary circumstances. And he was right to be wary of the big dogs....

    What I really like is that he settled so quickly. Even a sideways spook is rideable as long as the horse doesn't follow up with "run away!!" What a good attitude he has!

  5. Sounds like a lovely day to be riding. Definitely agree those are legitimate things to spook at, how quickly he seems to recover is the main thing!

  6. I thank you for your posts about the details of your rides. It makes me feel more confident to know that others have moments with "big jumps", take note and keep moving forward. I had an incident with my mare about 1 year ago where she bucked me off and it unnerved me for a while. But with a patient trainer and some lessons I learned that she bucked out of fear, not malicious, and that I can trust her too. So, needless to say the first few big spooks were unnerving but we came through it and I have learned it's just part of loving a horse. I appreciate when others note potentially scary experiences, without glossing over, and illustrate that confidence helps one to overcome. :)

  7. Such a great horse!! If you ever, ever decide to sell him, I call first dibs.

  8. Awesome! I am so happy for you that you are really getting to enjoy riding.

  9. Wow, where have I been! Lol. Congrats on your lovely new equine buddy -- it sounds like he really is sweet as pie (sorry, couldn't resist!).
    That name, of course, reminds me of National Velvet. :-)

  10. Cold days are great to ride -- as long as there's no wind. I don't care for windy cold.


  11. One good thing about those startling/scary moments is they do help you build a relationship. I'm still amazed with his level of intelligence and maturity for being so young--his responses sound just perfect.

  12. Oh nice Kate, grabbing up the times for your rides ....
    Pie is such a dependabe horse. Don't you JUST LOVE it when you know(and are beginning to know) how your horse will be be for most things?!!!

    I loved your comment to me..I would LOVE to have you to ride with, a personal trainer to pick the brain of and also someone -I know- I could count on for calm rides!
    Pie sounds to be the riding partner my mare could chill with.
    She resembles her horsey partners, and if they are uppity...she takes that on.
    Me, I just want a good start,middle and end to the ride(no matter what happens in the start,middle and end) if they come back and can be with you as's a goodie ride.
    Pie has such a good level brain, he came back!


  13. I'm so happy for you and Pie!

    wv: wings - the right horse gives you wings.

  14. i'm so glad pie is everything you wanted him to be, i love hearing about how you're getting to know each other and both seem happy with one another :)

  15. He sounds like such a smart horse! I think deer are probably going to be Chrome's issue. Every time one runs through his pasture he has to spook and gallop around like the silly colt he is. Who knows by the time he's three or four he may be used to it. :)


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